25 Clients in 25 Days? Really?

I am SOOO excited!  We are officially open to welcome you into the 25 Clients in 25 Days tapping program!
Last year, after the Divine Diamond retreat, I was sitting in my chiropractor’s office thinking about what I wanted to create. I wanted to create some yummy money quickly!
So I started to tap on it. And as I tapped, I realized that it would be a fun program to offer. So $25K in 25 Days was born. We had hundreds of participants, and there were several who actually created $25,000 in that period of time!  (We’re going to do that program again in a few months, so keep watching for it!)
This year, I wanted to do something similar. Since many of healers and coaches are challenged with getting enough clients in the door, what more perfect offering than to do daily tapping on getting clients, right?
But 25 clients in 25 days?! That’s rather outrageous!
I ran the title by some of my colleagues. They said they couldn’t imagine that many clients that quickly. But they knew it was because they work with fewer people at higher levels for a long time. (I suggested that they could use the tapping to fill a workshop or a program, or heck, to just get a couple of clients if they wanted!)  🙂
It has always been my intention that this program be for people who are working with people session-to-session (as I did for years) and who haven’t developed their businesses or offerings to the point where they are selling long-term. But even if you are selling high-end programs, this program can help you fill up your client lise!
Then last week, confirmation came. On our Divine Diamond group call, one of the new Diamond clients celebrated with this comment:  “I started the week with 3 clients, but by Wednesday, I had 14 scheduled!”  
So, if you are looking to get more clients (2 or 25, it doesn’t matter) and you want to do some fun clearing work around your beliefs about being able to get them, then come join me for this yummy new program.
We start May 12, and go daily for 5 weeks.  You can get more information here:
Oh, and by the way… for the next 48 hours ONLY, you can get $20 off!
Here’s your coupon code:  25C25D20
Until next time, lovey…


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