Facebook Live Tapping Today!

We’re going to have another Facebook Live tapping today. Care to join me for it?   Let’s tap on how to get GREAT clients, not those icky, demanding ones – lol.  (Because we’ve all had those, right?)   Here’s the link:  https://web.facebook.com/rev.anne.presuel/videos/10213169098967934/  . Here’s the replay: Until next time, lovey…   xoxoxoxo  

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Facebook Live Tapping Today!

Yesterday, I talked about visibility and videos. And today, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and doing a Facebook Live video again. Yup. Screwing up my courage and just doing it. Because that’s how you build a business. You just do stuff, even when you don’t know how it will turn out. Faith. […]

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Visibility & Videos

Visibility. That’s a word that can shake an intuitive up. Videos. Yeah. That’s another one. Put them together and you’ve got “AAGGGHHH!!!” Visibility is all about being seen and heard. The fear most intuitives have about visibility is being judged and found wanting. How many of us remember all of the judgment of elementary school?  […]

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New Habits Come With a Price Tag

For the last two days I’ve been blank. I’d think about writing a Divine Daily and then … nothing. I’d do something else hoping inspiration would strike me.  Nada. So the days slid by. Today, I told myself that NO MATTER WHAT, I was going to get a Divine Daily out.  Period. So you get […]

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I’d still be struggling…

I’d still be struggling if I hadn’t learned this technique that you can learn today: . Friday, May 12, at 12 Noon Eastern Clients at Your Fingertips Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients with this One Simple Technique! There was a time… Seven years ago, when we filed our taxes, my income was $18,000. (And […]

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The REAL Reason…

A FREE TAPPING call for you on getting clients! Friday, May 12, at 12 Noon Eastern Clients at Your Fingertips Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients with this One Simple Technique! The REAL reason… This week, I remembered the real reason I’m working from home:  freedom.   Freedom to spend my day in the flow […]

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What Have You Done for Me Lately?

A teleseminar for you! Friday, May 12, at 12 Noon Eastern Clients at Your Fingertips Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients with this One Simple Technique! My sob story One of the most surprising things I discovered about being in business is this ongoing requirement (insert a better word than requirement if you will) to […]

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Doing Business in Your PJs

A few weeks ago, my mail carrier knocked on my door.  I was in my nightgown working, my hair was pulled up into a clamp and I hadn’t even showered yet that day.   It was in the middle of the afternoon. Darn.   I grabbed my robe and answered the door.   The next […]

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Your Creative Energy & An Invitation

This week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all about the Divine Diamond retreat. We had three spectacular days of connecting, laughter, rituals and hot seats where each Diamond got clear about next steps.   At the end of the retreat, I asked the Diamonds to share what they got. Each one said, among other things, […]

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A Peek Inside The Diamond Retreat…

Yesterday was the first day of our Divine Diamond retreat. Three whole days of nothing but focusing on business and connecting with one another! Oh yeah, and tapping! Lots of tapping! (Sounds like heaven to me!)      I thought you might like a peek inside since the only ones who know what goes on […]

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How Adaptable Are You?

As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel room, an hour away from the beginning of a 3-day Divine Diamond retreat. I live here in South Florida, where we are having the retreat. I actually live about 8 miles away from the hotel.  And I like sleeping in my own bed. A lot.    […]

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How do You Hold Yourself Accountable?

One of my Diamond clients is launching her very first ever online class. She’s over-the-top excited because with her first email she already had 5 people sign up (and pay)!   It’s a real celebration because this is something she’s wanted for some time, but never did it.   She had lots of inner conversations […]

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25 Clients in 25 Days? Really?

I am SOOO excited!  We are officially open to welcome you into the 25 Clients in 25 Days tapping program!   Last year, after the Divine Diamond retreat, I was sitting in my chiropractor’s office thinking about what I wanted to create. I wanted to create some yummy money quickly!   So I started to […]

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The Invisible Power of Your Words

I was at an event a few years ago, and a woman went up to the mic to ask a question.  The leader of the event said that the woman had attended other events but hadn’t ever chosen to invest money with the leader. She then said “You’ll never have more than a $100,000 business.” […]

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What to Do When You Just Don’t Wanna…

Have you ever felt like you just don’t wanna do something in your business?   Or maybe you just don’t wanna pick up that phone to have that call with someone?   Or you just don’t wanna send out that email?   Yeah. Me, too.   So, how do you handle it?  How do you […]

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Plugging Your Leaks

Last week kinda sucked for me. We discovered we had a very high tax bill and I spent the week trying to find all the little allowable deductions to bring that baby down!  (My tax bill was more than I made in 2010, if you can believe that!)     The wonderful news, however, is […]

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How to Speak on Telesummits

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to be invited to speak on telesummits. But how on earth do you get invited? That was the question, right?   I started looking around at who was offering them, who was speaking on them, and if I knew any of these people. There weren’t many.   […]

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Divine Visibility in Your Business

Visibility. It’s that thing that allows people to see you … or not.   It’s also something that many of us have to work through our fears about. “What if they judge me?” or “What will people think?” or “What if they think I’m not good enough?” (or pretty enough, or smart enough, or thin […]

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Divine Guidance & Launching

Today’s Divine Daily is all about getting messages from the Divine. You know, those pesky, change-what-you-were-doing things that come in the middle of well, what you were doing.   It’s happened to me many times, but the most disconcerting and even challenging, is when it happens in a launch.   It’s like that old saying […]

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Manifesting in Your Business

Happy April! April is my absolute favorite month. When we lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, the whole world exploded in the springtime. Oh, my word – the flowers, the trees – everything, it seemed, had life and beauty.   And on this day, 13 years ago, Francisco and I got married. It was the manifestation of […]

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Putting On My Big Girl Panties

How I LOVE being online in my business! The freedom to take it with me no matter where I go … The ability to reach my market anywhere in the world, instead of in my own back yard … The joy of connecting with yummy people all over the world!  etc., etc.   It was […]

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How to Keep Wonder Alive

When my daughter was born years ago, my world changed. I often say that my heart cracked open that day. As she grew, I had the incredible joy of rediscovering the world with her.   When we went for a walk, we’d stop to watch a caterpillar walk past. Leaves would be an exploration of […]

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