25 Clients in 25 Days? Really?

Hi, Divine One –   I am SOOO excited!  We are officially open to welcome you into the 25 Clients in 25 Days tapping program!   Last year, after the Divine Diamond reatreat, I was sitting in my chiropractor’s office thinking about what I wanted to create. I wanted to create some yummy money quickly! […]

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The Invisible Power of Your Words

Hi, Divine One –   I was at an event a few years ago, and a woman went up to the mic to ask a question.  The leader of the event said that the woman had attended other events but hadn’t ever chosen to invest money with the leader. She then said “You’ll never have […]

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What to Do When You Just Don’t Wanna…

Hi, Divine One –   Have you ever felt like you just don’t wanna do something in your business?   Or maybe you just don’t wanna pick up that phone to have that call with someone?   Or you just don’t wanna send out that email?   Yeah. Me, too.   So, how do you […]

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Plugging Your Leaks

Hi, Divine One –   Last week kinda sucked for me. We discovered we had a very high tax bill and I spent the week trying to find all the little allowable deductions to bring that baby down!  (My tax bill was more than I made in 2010, if you can believe that!)     […]

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How to Speak on Telesummits

Hi, Divine One –   A few years ago, I decided I wanted to be invited to speak on telesummits. But how on earth do you get invited? That was the question, right?   I started looking around at who was offering them, who was speaking on them, and if I knew any of these […]

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Get Your Divine On

Divine Visibility in Your Business

Hi, Divine One –   Visibility. It’s that thing that allows people to see you … or not.   It’s also something that many of us have to work through our fears about. “What if they judge me?” or “What will people think?” or “What if they think I’m not good enough?” (or pretty enough, […]

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Divine Guidance & Launching

Hi, Divine One –   Today’s Divine Daily is all about getting messages from the Divine. You know, those pesky, change-what-you-were-doing things that come in the middle of well, what you were doing.   It’s happened to me many times, but the most disconcerting and even challenging, is when it happens in a launch.   […]

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Manifesting in Your Business

Happy April! Hi, Divine One –   April is my absolute favorite month. When we lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, the whole world exploded in the springtime. Oh, my word – the flowers, the trees – everything, it seemed, had life and beauty.   And on this day, 13 years ago, Francisco and I got married. […]

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Putting On My Big Girl Panties

Hi, Divine One –   How I LOVE being online in my business! The freedom to take it with me no matter where I go … The ability to reach my market anywhere in the world, instead of in my own back yard … The joy of connecting with yummy people all over the world! […]

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How to Keep Wonder Alive

Hi, Divine One –   When my daughter was born years ago, my world changed. I often say that my heart cracked open that day. As she grew, I had the incredible joy of rediscovering the world with her.   When we went for a walk, we’d stop to watch a caterpillar walk past. Leaves […]

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Having The Courage to Ask For What You REALLY Want

Hi, Divine One –   Just a couple of weeks ago I shared with you my celebration about my diamond bracelet. Well guess what?    I sent it back.   I really did. After wearing it, I realized that this diamond bracelet wasn’t MY diamond bracelet.  So I returned it.    And I felt horrible […]

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Breakdowns: how do you handle them?

Hi, Divine One –   Two weeks ago today, I started doing these Divine Dailies. I’ve been enjoying doing them and I’ve been hearing from you that you are, too.   When I started, I committed to doing it daily – Monday-Friday. And I made it 8 days.  But then…   Breakdown.   Thursday came […]

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1 Webinar: 0 Attendees WHAT?!

Hi, Divine Ones – . . I just got off the group call with the Divine Diamonds where we discussed some of the realities of business-building, especially when your business is younger.   You know, those moments when you host a webinar and nobody shows up. Or those times when you reach out to someone […]

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What’s the High Cost of Waiting?

Hi, Divine One –   When I signed on with my mentor seven years ago, she said something to me that made me stop.     You can very probably build your business on your own, but it will take you a lot longer to get there.   It really made me stop and think because for […]

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I Love Mondays, Don’t You?

Hi, Divine One –   As a teenager in the 70s, one of my favorite singing groups was the Carpenters. Well, to be fair, they were the only secular group we were allowed to listen to in the Seventh-Day Adventist boarding school I attended for 4 years.   Rainy Days and Mondays was one of […]

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Getting to “Yes”

Hi, Divine One –   I recently had a conversation with someone about joining the Divine Diamond program. (Curious? You can check it out here: Divine Diamonds)     She shared that she had had a long process to getting to her “yes” to being in the program. You see, when she first became interested […]

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Let’s Talk About Money, Shall We?

Hi, Divine One – . I want to share two points with you, today:   1)   Trusting your intuition (and what that looks like in even small ways), and 2)   Why money is so important to be able to create as a business owner (besides the obvious reasons).   When I first started thinking […]

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The Power of Polite Persistence

Hi, Divine One –   It’s tax time in the US.  All US citizens have to have their income information filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by April 15 – aka Tax Day.     In our house, we’ve been getting our info organized so we can send it to our accountant.  It’s not […]

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My #1 Tool for Letting Go of “Should”

Hi, Divine One –   There was a time when I had a lot of “shoulds” around being in business.  Things like: I should get up early and get moving. I should always be/look professional. I should always do things consistently. I should never “show my panties” and reveal things like the fact that I […]

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What Was I Thinking?

Hi, Divine One –   The funny thing about making a decision to do something is that while you are inspired to take the action and it feels great to make the decision, the next step is well… implementing the decision and dealing with the stuff that comes up as you go to implement.   […]

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Inauguration Day 2017

Last night, it took me quite a while to go to sleep because of what will be happening today.  I tried Reiki, which helped.  Then I prayed, which helped.  But still, I couldn’t sleep.  Finally, I turned to the Ho’Oponopono prayer, which did it. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. I […]

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I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me.

Hi, Divine One! This year (2016) has been in many ways an incredible year. My business has been easy and flowing. And my personal life has had some serious shake-ups. The year began with Pixie passing. You have heard about her in past emails – a beloved little kitty who was sick her last 3 […]

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