How Triggers Help You Build Your Business

Last week, I celebrated Mercury Retrograde’s departure both in this ezine and in my Divinely Intuitive™ Business FB group.  (You can join that group here.  We’d love to have you!)  In the group, someone mentioned “Now beware of Mars’s retrograde and Scorpio’s stinger.”  Ok, look.  I’m not an astrologer.  I barely know enough to have […]

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Intuitive Healing? Intuitive Healer? Or Both?

This week’s reading comes to you at the end of a long Mercury Retrograde.  For real.  One in which opportunities presented themselves over and over to heal the shadow side – whether with your own intuitive healing or with an intuitive healer.   I did more healing (energy and mindset) work with clients these past […]

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It’s Time to Decide

So what are you waiting for? This week’s cards for our reading are two very, very clear cards. The first one is Decide. The second one is Definitely Yes.  Wow.  Could it get any clearer than that?  Which leaves me with this question:  What are you waiting to decide?  Or put a different way:  What […]

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A Rare 50% Off For You in Celebration of Well … Life!

Happy Easter!   Get 50% Off  EVERYTHING in the Divine Store!   Hey there, Divine One! Happy Easter! What dreams and visions are you resurrecting in your business? I hope you had a beautiful, restful and oh, so blessed, Easter! I had just returned from an intense week of helping my mom through a health […]

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Reading: Wondering What to Do?

Hi, there, Divine One – Years ago, when I started my business, I wondered Can I really do this?  Will people really pay me to help them?  Will I ever be able to learn all the pieces of building a business … and do it successfully?  Will I be able to do business my way […]

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Reading: Time to Get Happy … And Grow Your List!

Hi, there, Divine One –   For the last two weeks, I’ve been caving it up… I pulled cards for the weekly reading, but then I just couldn’t write.  Nothing came.   You see, two weeks ago, I lost my beloved little kitty, Pixie.  She had been with me for over 15 years; the last […]

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Reading: How to Create Rich Relationships

Hey there, Divine One!  It’s our first reading for 2016!  Happy New Year! Your cards today are… Solar Plexus Chakra Rich Relationships  These two cards are asking you to look at how you stand in your power in your relationships… Your relationship with yourself. Your relationship with the Divine. Your relationship with your colleagues. Your […]

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Got Clients? Want More? Lots More?

Hey there, Divine One!   One of the things I hear from my market most of all is that they are challenged with getting clients.  Many get some clients, but not enough.  And they find themselves wondering HOW to get more clients … consistently.    The truth is, they don’t have a system in place to help […]

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Reading: Protect yourself!

Hi, Divine One –   Your cards today are all about shielding & protecting yourself from harsh energies.     That surprised me.  But then I realized we’re a week away from Mercury going retrograde.     Not only that, but energetically, people are experiencing seasonal blues, after-Christmas let-down, and are looking at how their […]

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Reading: How to Deepen Your Relationships in Biz

Hey there, Divine One –  A funny thing happened on the way to this week’s reading.  I pulled a card, and thought “No way, that can’t be it for this week’s reading.  I mean this week is all about Christmas, the birth of Divine energy within each of us.  This can’t be the card!”   So […]

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Reading: Divine Downloads + Client Attraction

Hey there, Divine One –   I want to tell you a story that perfectly illustrates today’s cards for your weekly reading… Three years ago, on 12/12/12, I hosted a teleseminar about doing business and using your intuition.  DURING that call, I was guided to offer the first Tap into Your Divine Business program.   And […]

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Do You Have Enough Clients? Want More?

Hey there, Divine One – Recently, I asked the participants in a class I was giving what their number one challenge was in building their business. Do you know what it was? Getting enough clients. This is, hands down, the biggest challenge for most healers, intuitives and coaches. You spend tons of money and years […]

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Reading: Trusting Your Intuition = Abundance

Hey there, Divine One – This week’s reading is all about trusting.  It is about trusting the guidance you are given and trusting yourself to understand and know that the guidance is correct.  Your cards are:   Listen to Your Intuitive Feelings Wealth & Prosperity   We are all given intuitive guidance – through our […]

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A New Gift for You! A Divine Biz Weekly Reading

Hello, Divine One! I was inspired to offer something new to you:  a weekly business reading from cards I use often, including my own Divine Business Angel card deck.  (I think you’ll like it.)  The cards I pulled for this week – December 1-7 are: Manifestation Power Inspiring Message Here is your reading for those […]

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Your Divine Black Friday! 50% Off Everything!

Hey there, Divine One!   Happy Black Friday!    I hope you had a beautiful and oh, so blessed, Thanksgiving!  Francisco and I enjoyed each other and celebrated our two new family members – brother and sister kittens adopted a couple of months ago. (We now have 4 kitties again!)   One of the things […]

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Someone Called Me a Money Mongering Ho!

Someone called me a Money Mongering Ho!  (for real) Hey there, Divine One!  You know you’ve reached a new level in your business when you start to draw out the haters.  (Good thing I have a fairly thick skin.) Someone called me a money mongering ho this week – on my Facebook page no less!  […]

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Do You Have Cinderella Syndrome?

Aaahhh, Cinderella… What did you do to me? Hey there, Divine One! Growing up, I loved fairy tales.  My very favorite one was Cinderella, who was rescued by the prince from her evil stepmother and hateful stepsisters.  Cinderella was sweet and kind (and she loved animals).  It was her goodness that won the day. Early in […]

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Are You Waiting for Black Friday?

Hey there, Divine One!  Are you getting emails from the big companies about Black Friday yet?  I am … with lots of sneak previews.  I love Black Friday, although I didn’t always.  I used to think it was crazy to get up way early in the morning and go stand in line.  I thought people […]

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Ever Heard this? “Will You Just Go Get a Job!”

Hey there, Divine One!   I’m going to share a story of my own money journey with you today…   I married “St. Francisco,” a man who is kind to everyone, who never says anything mean (who cannot even think a mean thought), and whose only cuss word in the 13 years we’ve been together […]

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Is Your Business Like a Thrift Store or a Macy’s?

Hi, Divine One!  I like thrift stores.  I really do.  I like donating to them and I like going inside, because I love finding treasures.  But it’s very hit and miss, and sometimes I leave as soon as I arrive.  My favorite place to shop is Macy’s.  When I go there, I love looking at […]

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My First $10,000 Money Miracle!

Hi, Divine One!  I’m going to share something very personal with you.  If you’ve read the “About Anne” page on my website, then you know my story (and if you haven’t, well, that will fill you in  a little more with this story I’m going to tell). What I haven’t shared before is this:  as […]

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