A Peek Inside The Diamond Retreat…

Yesterday was the first day of our Divine Diamond retreat. Three whole days of nothing but focusing on business and connecting with one another! Oh yeah, and tapping! Lots of tapping! (Sounds like heaven to me!) 

I thought you might like a peek inside since the only ones who know what goes on in them are those who attend…
We began the day by gathering in a circle and stating our intentions for the retreat. Then we did a fun ritual to anchor those intentions.
After lunch, we discussed marketing plans and each person created a marketing plan for their business for the next six months. And as we were discussing marketing – you know, authentic, fun marketing that you LIKE doing(!), we gently moved into our first “hot seat.”  
One Diamond brought her challenges with her marketing to the group and we all pitched in and brainstormed together. She left last night feeling incredibly happy, clear and focused… and inspired to do her marketing!
And that was just day one. There are two more to go!
Some of my happiest memories of the programs I’ve participated in are the retreats I attended as a client. I always got so much value from them. And there were some wonderful friendships created that continue to this day.
A retreat is truly one of the great benefits of being in a high-end coaching program. It is also one of the benefits of offering one to your clients.
If you haven’t had the chance at attend one, get yourself into a program that offers one, and if you are serving clients, do what you can to create the space to offer one. Your clients will love it, and so will you!
Divine Question:
What’s your favorite experience in a retreat?
If you haven’t attended one, then
what would you want to experience in a retreat? 
Until next time, lovey…


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