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1 Webinar: 0 Attendees WHAT?!

Hi, Divine Ones –
I just got off the group call with the Divine Diamonds where we discussed some of the realities of business-building, especially when your business is younger.
You know, those moments when you host a webinar and nobody shows up. Or those times when you reach out to someone about connecting and they never respond.  Or the times when you send out an email and only one person responds.
You know, those moments.
If you’re in business, you’ve had them. If you’re not in business and expect that will never be you, well, ok, maybe you’ll be the exception. (Hey, who am I to take away that fantasy? But that fantasy is a little bit like what kind of a parent you would be before you had kids. After kids, well, things were different from that perspective, you know?)
So, what do you do
when you have those moments?  
How do you handle it?  
Do you think it must be you – that maybe you’re doing it all wrong?  Or that maybe you should just quit?
Sometimes people do think that. (I know I have.)  But if you can understand that pretty much ALL of us have had those experiences, you can begin to take the “it’s personal” part out of it. These things happen.
Yeah, they’re not much fun to experience, but if we take apart the result (zero attendees at a webinar, for example) and look at what worked (a number of new people signed up for the webinar!), then we can start to build upon what worked, and work on the piece that didn’t.
One of the best things you can do for yourself (aside from training and support) is to have a community around you that encourages you as you try new things. a community that tells you you can do it in spite of the “OMG, how did that happen?” moments.
The reality is building a business is full of OMG moments. But look at what worked and use that to propel you forward.
Try and tweak. Try and tweak.
THAT’s how you build a business.
Until tomorrow…

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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