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2 Divine Case Studies: 1 Got Clients; 1 Got Money!

I want to introduce you to two of the people who will be sharing their stories on our call tomorrow. You’ll get to hear first-hand from them how they are growing their businesses, and where they are today vs where they were when they started.
You’ll get inspired to stick with it as you grow your own Divine biz, of that much I am certain!  
By the way, here’s the link to the call (just click on the graphic): 
Case Study #1
Nicole who works with the angelic realm to help women release traumatic pasts.  (That’s a pretty unusual market.) 
When she first started working with me, she felt very challenged regarding her business and her clients.  One of the problems she had was getting enough clients to consistently come and work with her. People would come for a session or two, and some for longer, but getting them to commit to the length of time they really needed to get help was hard. 
She felt frustrated and overwhelmed and truly didn’t know what to do.
So we created a system for her to connect with clients and potential clients.  Nicole realized that this was what had been missing was the system for getting clients. 
Her entire business changed.  One year later, she realized she had a full client list (and even had a waiting list)!  Now she had a new problem: how to manage it all!  (Who doesn’t want that problem, right?)  
Case Study #2
The second case study is Gail.  Gail’s business partnership broke up the year before and she felt lost.  She was ready to go out on her own, but it meant she had to completely start over! 
New brand, new message, new offerings, new market, new clients!  That’s a lot when you’re letting go of something so big! 
Gail knew she needed to figure out her message and her offer . Her question was: What is it exactly that I am doing with them, and why should they work with me?
As we worked together, she got clear about her message, her brand and her offer.  She was very happy because her work now inspired her and felt so completely authentic and real. It was (and is) her own.
She promptly went out and sold her first package for $6,000!
That’s what happens when you get clear.  That’s what happens when you show up.  That’s what happens when you take the next step.
You get to meet these two fabulous women. You will be able to hear directly from them what they were afraid of and how they overcame their fears.
Tomorrow, June 22 at 1 pm Eastern.  Get the details here:
What’s so wonderful about these stories is that these women are just like you. They wanted more for their lives. They wanted the freedom and independence that comes from creating a business that supports them.
And they have created it.  
So can you.
I’ll see you on the call!  
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