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25 Clients in 25 Days? Really?

Clients come in many forms:  programs, workshops, and one-to-one.  And whether you are offering high-end one-on-one programs or you are working with people session-to-session (as I did for years), you can clear your energy so that you can create more clients in your business.

The 25 Clients in 25 Days will help you do just that. 

Last year, when we rant this, one of the Divine Diamonds shared that she had “started the week with 3 clients, but by Wednesday, I had 14!”   

Exactly. Because of the tapping. 
Because the tapping enabled her to feel more hopeful, more centered, and more aligned with getting more clients.  And so guess what?  People responded to her energy.
That’s how it works.
You know that if you have a sales conversation with someone and you’re really needing that client to say yes your energy is going to reflect that sense of urgency?  That’s the type of thing we’re talking about here.  Eliminating those feelings of “must have this NOW!”
Here’s the thing, Divine One, if you are looking to get more clients (2 or 25, it doesn’t matter) and you want to do some fun clearing work around your beliefs about being able to get them, then come join me for this yummy new program.
We start October 15th, and go daily for 5 weeks.  You can get more information here:
5 Weeks of Mindset Magic – 
Fill Your Client List (and Your Programs) Easily!
This program was born because so many healers and coaches feel challenged with getting enough clients in the door.  So what more perfect offering than to do daily tapping on getting clients, right?
Until next time, lovey…
Go Get Your Divine ON!

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