Want to create

25  Clients in 25 Days?

(or at least consider the possibility?)

.Well, here's your chance!

Hey there, Divine One!

  • Have you tried everything you know to do to attract more clients, but it still isn't working (at least not fast enough)?
  • Do you find yourself frustrated that the clients you want to create just aren't showing up?
  • Do you wonder just what it takes to have an abundance of clients ... consistently?
  • Do you feel like you know what to do to generate clients (ahem, sell!), but just can't bring yourself to do that?
  • Is your spouse or partner saying things like “Maybe you should just get a job, because this business thing just doesn’t seem to be working.”
  • Do you worry that maybe they’re right?

Yeah.  I get it.  I’ve been there, too.


But here’s the truth about creating clients: 


Your energy (your beliefs)

actually determine your income. 



  • When you believe “It’s too hard to get great clients!” You’re right; it is.
  • When you believe “The clients just don’t come easily to me.” You’re right; they don’t.
  • When you believe “I have to work hard to get decent clients!” You’re right; you will!
  • When you believe “It’s too much work! I don’t have that much time or energy to get that many clients!” You’re right. It is, and you don’t.
  • When you believe “There’s no way I could work with that many clients!” You’re right; you couldn’t.
  • When you believe “Others can get a waiting client list, but not me.” You’re right; they can (and you likely won’t).
  • When you believe “It’s impossible!” You’re right. It is. It really is.

But did you know that when you feel this way,

it’s like saying to the universe


“No thank you, I don’t actually believe

I can have what I want!”

25Clients in 25 days

But what if…


You could clear out those beliefs?


What if you could change your energy

so that you are actually

allowing the abundance of clients?


What if you could change your beliefs from: 


  • “Others can do it, but not me” to “I can do that!”
  • “Clients don’t come easily to me” to “I easily get clients!”
  • "I can't ever seem to get enough clients!" to “I have a waiting list of clients who want to work with me!”
  • “It’s too hard to get and keep really great clients!” to “Oh, my word, that was so easy!”
  • "I wouldn't know what to do with that many clients!" to “I can easily handle an abundance of clients!”
  • "Dealing with a lot of clients is really hard; they always want so much from me!" to “I have fabulous clients and we work really well together!”



What if you could change those beliefs easily?


Would you?




25 Clients in 25 Days

5 Weeks of Mindset Magic

Fill Your Client List (and Your Programs) Easily!


An Online Virtual Event of Daily Tapping

25 Clients in 25 Days

Give me 45 minutes a day for 25 days

to change your beliefs

about creating an abundance of clients!


We’ll cover the following beliefs (and frankly oh, so many more!):

  • I can’t create 25 clients in 25 days! It would be too hard!
  • I don’t know where that many clients would come from!
  • I don’t deserve to have that many clients!
  • I wouldn’t even know where to begin to be able to create 25 clients in 25 days!
  • It’s too much work or it would take too much energy to create 25 clients in 25 days!
  • There’s no way, no how that I can create 25 clients in 25 days!
  • I’d have to really SELL in order to be able to create 25 clients in 25 days, and I’m NOT going to do that!
  • I have no idea how I would be able to create that many clients in such a short period of time!
  • I’d have to work 24/7 in order to create that many clients!
  • Where would they all come from?
  • I don’t have the platform to create 25 clients in 25 days!
  • I don’t have the support to be able to handle 25 clients in 25 days!
  • It’s too hard to even imagine creating 25 clients in 25 days!
  • I have no idea where I would even begin, so I just won’t.
  • This would create more problems for me than it’s worth. I’ll just stay where I’m at, thank you very much!
  • I’ve tried to get a bunch of clients before, and it didn’t happen. Why should I believe I could do it now?
  • What a fantasy!
  • I’m not at that level in my business, so I couldn’t even begin to think I could get that many clients in such a short period of time!
  • Who am I to ask for many clients?
  • Who am I to want so many clients?
  • Who am I to dare to think I could do that? (create 25 clients in 25 days)
  • This just sounds too good to be true.


Do you recognize any of these beliefs?  Do you have any of them rolling around in your own head?   

change your money beliefs

I know I did.  I used to have them.  But I did what I’m offering you.  And it worked! I don’t have those beliefs any more. (And guess what? I have lots of clients!)


So, join me and let’s clear out those beliefs!



Starting Monday, November 4th, 2019


We’ll meet at NOON Eastern


And we’ll do energy clearings, tapping, laughing at ourselves, and in general having a fun time together as we get rid of the crap that says

  • I can’t have that many clients.
  • I don’t deserve that many clients.
  • I wouldn’t even know what to do with that many clients.
  • I’m not ready for that many clients.
  • and so on…


Let’s get rid of the insidious beliefs that keep us from creating the clients we want to serve (and earning the money we want to make). 


Let’s clear out the inner stuff that tells us: 

      • we can’t,
      • we shouldn’t,
      • we aren’t good enough,
      • we don’t deserve,
      • we are too small,
      • we're too old,
      • we're too young,
      • we're too fat,
      • we're too thin,
      • we don't have the right degrees,
      • we have too many degrees,
      • we've been through too much drama,
      • we don't know enough,
      • we can't do it,
      • it's too hard,
      • it’s not ok to ask for more, and
      • we should just be grateful for what we have, because it’s not ok to want more.


I call bullshit.


I don't know about you, but I do not want to be run by crap like that in my head.  I'm in.  Are you?


How much will it be?


Glad you asked.  This program is just $250. (yes seriously!)


freedom from money beliefs


Three-Pay option

freedom from money beliefs


Why so little? (I mean, 5 weeks of daily tapping for just $250!?)


Because I know what a difference

your work makes to the world.


Look, once upon a time, someone helped me let go of my beliefs.  She helped me grow into who I am today.  I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for her. 


You are that someone for somebody. 


Do yourself a favor and let go of the beliefs and fears that keep you from serving more clients.  Allow yourself to receive more.  (Think of how many more people you can help when you do that!)


Here’s what you’ll get in the program:


  • Daily tapping calls - 25 total! - where we clear out the beliefs about being able to attract the clients we want;
  • An mp3 recording of the calls - in full, unedited;
  • A fabulous Facebook community to play in, filled with lots of other like-minded, Divinely-guided entrepreneurs (think networking and jv opportunities!);
  • You'll get clearer and clearer about your ability to attract the clients you want to attract, as you open up more and more to receiving them into your energy field;
  • You’ll get ME! We’ll have fun, we’ll laugh a lot, and I’ll be available to you for the entire time.


But here’s what you’ll REALLY get:


  • Clarity about the beliefs you have that are keeping you from creating more yummy clients in your life.
  • You'll CLEAR a bunch of those beliefs about creating an abundance of clients quickly!
  • FREEDOM from those old, tired, worn-out, very limiting, even troubling, beliefs that keep you from creating the clients you want.
  • A new confidence in your ability to create your clients when you want.
  • Dare I say it? New clients!!! Because that's what happens when you clear the "I can't" beliefs.


So, let’s turn on the client flow, shall we?

change your money beliefs

Do I guarantee you’ll create 25 clients in 25 days? 


Most definitely not!  You’ve been carrying your beloved beliefs for quite a while, girlfriend.  Those beliefs are deeply embedded and powerful.  Tapping is amazing, but let’s be real, ok?


What I will guarantee is this:


  • You will come away from this class with significant new awareness about how your specific beliefs are creating your reality, in this case, about your ability to create an abundance of clients.
  • You will clear out a whole LOT of limiting beliefs! (worth 10x the cost of this program!)
  • You will have a new ability to create clients when you want and need them
  • You will feel freer, more willing, and way more capable of creating clients whenever you want!


And because of that, you may very well create 25 clients in 25 days!  (Some people in this program will actually do just that!)



So… do you want in?


freedom from money beliefs


Three-Pay option

freedom from money beliefs


You've got nothing to lose, except some tired, old outworn fears and beliefs.


Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business


p.s. What would one new belief about creating clients be worth to you?  What about a whole new set of beliefs?  What is THAT worth?  (Priceless, right?)  


p.p.s If you’re reading this and your first reaction was "I wouldn’t know what to do with 25 clients" because your business is more sophisticated and you work intensely with fewer people at high levels, then think of it this way:  you can clear out any blocks you have about handling more clients – or even filling a program or workshop. (The same beliefs create all of those scenarios.)


p.p.p.s.  If you're here on this page, it is because you were Divinely-guided to be here.  There is something here for you.  Trust that ... and trust your Divine guidance.  It will never steer you wrong.


Go here to get your new beliefs about being very client attractive!


freedom from money beliefs


Three-Pay option

freedom from money beliefs