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3 Ways to Step into Your Magical Self

Last week, the Divine (or Spirit or God or the Universe – whatever you like to call it) showed me something that validated this journey we are all on together:  when you put your intention out there, when you speak it to others, it shows up in your life. Now this isn’t something new; I’ve been preaching this to you (the metaphorical choir) from the beginning.

And yet, I discovered again how true it is.  Let me tell you what happened…

On Thursday, Feb. 25, I wrote the blog for Saturday, Feb. 27.  I sent it to Christina (my assistant) as she was taking on more of the administrative work.  I then left it in her capable hands to get out to you guys, and to get posted onto my website, which she did.

Here’s what that blog said:


February 27, 2010 – Today’s Affirmation: I tune into the magic of my soul!


Today, I am clear about how magical I am.

I realize that I have the ability to create my life to be just what I desire most.  And while I am aware I must learn how to do this better and better, today, I spend time being present to that magic that I already am.  I spend time being present to the power I already have.  I spend time being present to the wonder that I already have created.

Today, I see my alchemist abilities grow and grow.  I love feeling magical and charmed! I connect with these abilities, and I realize that I AM these abilities!

I AM Magical!  I AM Charmed!

And so it is.


On Saturday night (the night the blog was published), as I was getting out of the shower and blowing out the candles (yes, I had taken a shower by candlelight which was oh, so nice!), I thought “Aaaahhh, magic!”  And then I remembered a number of other magical experiences of the day:  a lovely nap, a yummy foot rub given to me by Francisco (my beloved hubby), a candlelight dinner with him, errands run that were fun and completely delightful, a cuddling time with Pixie, my sweet kitty, a delicious fruit salad meal with my favorite fruits, my Valentine’s Day roses that were now in full bloom, a beautiful full moon that I could see from the window as I was taking my wonderful shower, a phone call with someone dear to me, and so on.

You see, when we state our intention not only to ourselves, but to the world around us, we begin to notice how our lives show up and how the Divine supports our statement of intention.  Now here’s the thing:  if we are in alignment with our statement, then life just flows to us.  If, however, we are not in alignment with our statement, well, then … uh-oh.  Watch how the Universe will show you the areas where you are not in alignment.  It is then your work to move yourself into alignment with your intention.  (That’s always our work, by the way.)

It’s obvious that I was in alignment with feeling magical and charmed.  I had no resistance to it.  And yes, for those of you who are asking, there are statements I write that I’m not fully in alignment with… of course.  However, having said that, I am always moving into alignment with them and paying attention to what the Divine is showing me AND doing the work.  Why?  Because I want my life to be one that works for me in all ways, one that is so completely in alignment with my conscious intention that I have no resistance to being at one with the Divine.  It’s worth doing the work.

So, here are the lessons from this:

1.    State your intention for what it is you want. Do you want a beautiful day?  State it.  Do you want a productive meeting?  State it.  Do you want to feel abundant?  State it.  The Universe hears and brings to you want you have stated.

2.    State your intention to others. Here’s where it gets tricky.  When you state your intention to others, be very clear that you may have those who will not support you.  But guess what?  These naysayers are your best teachers.  Why?  Because they are letting you know that a part of you believes (or is fearful about) what they are saying.  Your work then becomes clearing that resistance out.

3.    Pay attention to how the Divine delivers your intention.  Because it will.  It might be in small doses.  So what?  Pay attention to them and fill yourself with gratitude for those doses.  You are strengthening your belief in yourself and your ability to co-create with the Divine when you notice your life working.


Your Action Steps:

To start playing with this in a conscious co-creative way, it’s time to take some steps.

1.    Get clear about what you want right here, right now.  (By the way, be gentle with yourself here.  Choose non-resistant things that will help you build your energy of belief in yourself and in your abilities.)

2.    Begin to state what it is you want to yourself, to the Divine.

3.    If you are ready, begin to state what it is you want to others.

4.    Pay attention to how it shows up in your life – in large or in small doses.

5.    Acknowledge the areas that show up. (This will increase your own believability in yourself.)

6.    Be grateful.  (You will begin to manifest more and more, faster and faster with this one simple tool: gratitude.)

7.    Have fun with it!



1 thought on “3 Ways to Step into Your Magical Self”

  1. I’ve been reading several of your articles, and I listened to your downloaded tape/video. My service is in Oriental Medicine and Esogetic Colorpuncture, and prior to that, deep tissue massage, and homecare. I’ve kept myself from looking at many modalities over the years because I thought (and some I still think)went against the beliefs that I held about my Creator, and my personal relationship with Jesus. At the same time, I have experienced that I have, as well as several members of my family, intuitive capabilities. I consider myself an Empath, and use it in my healing work, and even wonder if I am a Shaman, which I have been told in various ways, by even strangers. Some see the Spirits around me, some see my aura, I catch psychics looking at me when I walk into a room, etc. etc., so I know that I am correct in my feelings. You’d think with this background I wouldn’t have any trouble trusting my intuition in business. I fully trust my intuition when I am working with clients, but not in my own life. I’ve had too many ‘fails’, and have been ‘taken’enough times, that I have become ‘frozen’ in business. I have lost so much money in bad business deals, that I am wondering if it is an ancestral karmic debt. My biggest noose is my PERPETUAL timeshare, and it infects my daily thinking. But, with all that said, twice I came across the Abraham-Hicks book “Ask, It is Given”. I can see that after hearing you mention them, you use the ideas in your writings, and I can’t believe that this is a mistake in my life. I was lead to the book twice in a very short span, bought it, and have finished the book. I have been applying some of the processes re: money, and raising my vibrations, and couple that with daily prayer. I am also familiar with EFT, but have not used it lately. I will begin again. I have been using the colorpuncture on myself to heal the ancestral/soul issues, and have been clarifying what I want to focus my business on. I know that God is totally in my life, but I need reminders. I am a single, self employed parent, last one near 18, and am not in a relationship. I want to be but don’t think the time is right, as I DO need to create money in my life. I’ve eliminated parts of my business, even though they brought me good money, i.e. private homecare, massage, but believe I can heal more through my acupuncture/colorpuncture business. But, I am near out of money, and being alone at night, I cry in my privacy. I don’t want to feel fear, and do my best to pull myself into higher vibrations. I am able to pass this higher vibration to my clients – the few that I have left. I have lost many due to them losing their work, and because I had become full-time taking care of woman, who died in Febr at age 100. Her being gone has left me with lots of time – I am not sitting idle – but also, without the income. It is a double edge sword being self-employed – no unemployment benefits, etc. Still, I think that people are showing up in my life at the right time; you, AWI, people on LinkedIn, FB, and so on. Am I in impatience? Many times. Can I always quiet my mind? I’m a fire sign, and it is hard to turn me off. The upside to that is creativity, the downside is spreading too thin, or as I stated above, making bad deals. WHEW! Are you still with me? 😉 I have a blog, lightsparks.wordpress.com, and I use it to, also, teach. You will see the ideas that I am learning show up just like you are doing, because we are using a similar path. I think you are further ahead than me, at this point, but I hope to not be far behind. Thank you for your words, and caring. BTW – I have been speaking of forgiveness to different people in my family, and finding out where I need to forgive, in doing so. It is the ONLY way to move forward. Jesus said it all the time, in His works, and in His words. When you forgive, you are forgiven.
    You have a beautiful day, and I love your smile. Namaste.

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