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5 Easy Ways to Create More Abundance

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Many times people share with me that they have difficulties keeping their minds focused upon what they want, rather than what they are experiencing. (Does this sound familiar?)

For example, perhaps you want more money, but you aren’t making very much. It seems as though most of the time, you feel the lack of what you want (sometimes intensely!).

In this situation, the way to create more of what you want would be to feel as though you have enough … and even more than enough. In order to feel that way, however, you have to be thinking that that is true, believing it is true, speaking as though it is true, acting as though it is true.


The conundrum for all of us is that it’s pretty darned hard to feel that way when it’s clear that it isn’t that way!

And this is where what we focus upon comes into play.

When we focus upon lack, we actually see more and more lack around us, and we actually feel that that is all that there is. On the other hand, when we focus upon abundance, we see more and more abundance, and we truly feel that that is what shows up in our lives.

While it’s obviously not as black and white as I painted it above, our focus truly allows for more of what we want – and don’t want – to show up in our lives.

So, here’s the question: Upon which are you focusing your thoughts, conversations, feelings, attention, and beliefs?

Because that is what will show up in your life.

So, how can we learn how to focus better upon what it is we want?

Here are five sure-fire ways to shift your focus to help you create more of what you want. (And I will continue with the example of abundance that I started above.)

1. Declare a moratorium on complaining about money – or the lack thereof.Seriously. Simply decide that you are not going to engage in this destructive type of conversation. If you want more money, you must begin to eliminate the complaining (read feeling” here) about the lack of money that seems to exist. This includes complaining about the way your children spend their money, the way your spouse spends his/hers, the way your parents spend their money, the way your boss spends his/hers, the way your company spends its money, the way the government spends your tax dollars.  Stop it.  Just stop.

2. Decide to look for the abundance that already exists in your life.Because it does exist. Everywhere. Even if you don’t make enough right now. Even if you are in debt. Even if you can’t see a way out of a financial problem you have. Even if… It doesn’t matter. You have abundance.I promise. If you only have one pair of shoes, you have abundance. If you have a place to sleep at night, you have abundance. If you have food to eat, you have abundance. Now, if you start from that place of knowing, you will really begin to see all of the abundance that you have.

3. Be grateful for what you do have.Now that you’ve seen what you have, begin to say “Thank You!” to the Universe, to God, to the Divine, to Spirit, to that high, loving energy that flows through each and every one of us. Saying “Thank You!” will place you in an open-hearted, receptive space … which allows more abundance to flow in.

4. Share what you have with someone else. There is nothing that says“I am abundant”like sharing your abundance with another. When you do this, you truly get– in your body – that you have enough. Because when you share, you are beingthe flow of abundance. You. Are. Being. Abundance.And when you are being something, you see it show up in your life over and over and over again.

5. Declare your abundance. If you want the Divine to hear you, you must speak your faith. Not just think it (although that’s where it begins). Speak it.“I AM Abundant!” “I have abundance.” “I feel abundant.” “I have all the wealth I need and I can create all the wealth I want.”(That one takes a bit of faith to say, doesn’t it? Hmmm, that’s the point.) Speak your faith into being. Over and over and over and over…

Many people think they only need to say something once or twice, and then get discouraged when it doesn’t show up right away.

No, babe. This is anongoingre-focusing of your thoughts, your words, your beliefs, your feelings. Consider it a re-training, if you will. Speak it to everyone. (Sometimes that takes courage, and you may feel you are lying. Do it anyway.) But first of all, speak it to yourself.

Your Action Steps:

1. Say to yourself in the mirror, “I AM Abundant!” See how it feels.   Practice it at least 2x a day.  Practice it when you brush your teeth.   Practice it when you wash your hands.  Truly feel its truth.   Because You Are Abundant!

2. Stop complaining. Today. Just do it.

3. Write down 5 things you are grateful for (and have abundance with) every day for one week. See how you feel. (Pretty great, I’m sure.)

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Create More Abundance”

  1. I appreciate your article about abundance. I’ve been on this path for a number of years. It really does work, but requires vigilence. Your ‘5 easy ways’ helps remind me that it can be easy. I fluctuate sometimes, forget or loose focus but it gets easier with practice and it works with persistence. Thank you, and I am grateful for your efforts to help us all.

  2. Great article about the mindset of successful people!
    I agree with you, that’s it’s not about complaining over missing things, but to ask yourself: how can I get, what I want to? How can I afford the new car? Do I really want this or is this just brought to me by others?

    I totally agree with the existence of abundance for everyone. If we focus on positive things and stop complaining, we get much more creative and achieve more, than we expect.

    Hopefully people understand, that money is a bad motivation to do something. For me it’s important to follow a purpose for yourself and not to earn money in every possible way. Also to me it happens, that I loose focus but thinking about the core purpose and than reading great articles like yours bring me back to my roots.

    Thank you!

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