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5 Things for Abundance

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Bring in More Abundance!

Many spiritual entrepreneurs are looking for ways to generate more income, particularly right now. The holidays are coming and most of us love giving generously not only to our loved ones, but also to special charities dear to our hearts. In addition, the economic transition our society is in the process of moving through has challenged many of us to stay in faith that all is (or will be) well.

So, how can you bring more abundance into your life? Here are five easy steps you can do right now to change your energy and change your thinking so that you can change your openness to receiving abundance.

1. Be grateful for what you already have. Hands down, this is the number one way you can bring more of whatever it is you want into your life. If you’re thinking “yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before,” then see if you can truly get present to the feeling of gratitude. Seriously. Think for just a moment of what your life would be like without some of the things you have and take for granted.

If you spent one day – even one hour – truly being grateful for what you have, you would begin to see some amazing things show up in your life. OR do what Oprah did: write a gratitude journal daily, writing down all the things for which you are grateful.

Try it; your energy will shift … significantly.

2. Give what you want to receive. Ok, I can already hear the groans. “But, Anne, I NEED money; how can I GIVE it away, when that’s what I want?” Here’s how: when you give something away, you are telling the Universe (and your own higher self) that you have enough to give. That opens the energetic space for more to flow in.

Here’s the caveat to that: give with a happy heart. Do NOT give thinking you’re gonna get. Just don’t go there, because that will not work. Give knowing you have some to give, and (back to #1) be grateful that you have it to share.


3. Talk about the abundance you already have. This one is so easy, and yet so few people actually do it.  There is a Universal law that states “whatever you focus upon increases.” See for yourself.  Talk about the abundance you already have, and notice how you focus upon that.  See what happens when you do this. 

Here’s one way to make this fun and easy.  Get a little notebook and write down all the income and abundance that is showing up for you.  Got a gift?  Write it down.  Found some money?  Write it down.  A client paid you?  Write it down.  You got a bonus?  Write it down.  At the end of a month, look at the incredible abundance you have.  You will discover that it is quite significant.


4. Trust your inner guidance about what your next step is. You are being guided all the time by Spirit. The question is: are you listening? Do you know the signals? Do you pay attention to them? Do you act upon them?

Pay attention in your life. Listening to that still, small voice inside and following its guidance is truly the key to success in life. Because it will NEVER guide you wrong.  If you think it has, it’s only because you misunderstood the signals or you didn’t see the bigger picture. Get quiet. Listen. You will be guided.

5. Hold the intention of having more abundance. “Well, duh, Anne!” Yeah, I hear you. Here’s the thing with this. Holding an intention is very simple and we all do it, all the time. BUT, and here’s the big but: we don’t do it consciously or with a positive focus much of the time.holding-coins

This one step is so powerful Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote an entire book on it called “The Power of Your Intention.”  Consciously holding an intention to have more abundance, more money, more love, more whatever you want, will help you so quickly to create it in your life. Try it out.

Bonus: It seems kind of crazy for me to send out an article on the five things you can do right now to have more abundance without adding in tapping as a step.

So here’s your bonus. Tap.

  • Tap on the conversations that come up in your head about whether you can create more abundance.
  • Tap on your belief about what you can create.
  • Tap on your belief about your being at the effect of the economic situation.
  • Tap on your belief about your being at the effect of anything other than Spirit and your own consciousness.
  • Tap away, Tap away, Tap away all! 🙂

TIYDB_3d_Product-smallerAnd have FUN with it.

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