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5 Ways Bright Shiny Object Syndrome Keeps You from Making Money

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is real. It is very real. And Spiritual Entrepreneurs get it just as badly as everyone else. In the early years of a business, Spiritual Entrepreneurs are faced with oh, so many options…

“Ooohh, I could do this!”

“Oh, but what about that!” and

“Maybe I should learn this marketing technique!” or

“If I get that, then I’ll be able to …”

Sound familiar?


The truth is Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is any distraction that will keep you from doing what you said you would do. It is anything that will cause you to go off-course and off-track.

It will cause you to spend a lot of time (and often a lot of money) and it will not give you a whole lot of return on your investment of time and money.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome will cause you to lose your focus and will take you away from doing the work that will bring in clients, and make money.

So how do you know if you’re suffering from Bright Shiny Object Syndrome? Let me just say right now that you are. You do. Heck, I do! Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is a fact of life today – a fact of being in a world that is filled with oh, so much yummy information, so many delicious options, and so many delightful opportunities!

And how can you deal with your own version of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome?

Let’s first talk about how it keeps you from making money, ok? Then we can talk about how you can recognize it when it’s happening. Finally, we’ll talk about how you can change it.


Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is a problem
when you don’t have enough clients,
enough money coming in,
or good, solid marketing systems in place.


Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is not a problem
if you are where you want to be in your business …
you have plenty of clients and income
and your systems and structure are solid.


Here’s how Bright Shiny Object Syndrome can show up in your business:

1)       You hang out a lot of time on social media, or go shopping on ebay, amazon, or some other fun website.

2)       You end up spending more time organizing your file folders or other things, instead of doing the things you know you need to do to get the clients you want.

3)       You end up talking on the phone with your girlfriends or family about their problems instead of doing things like following up with prospective clients.

4)       You make lists of things to do, and then go searching for all the best ways to get something done, but don’t actually do the things on your lists, because you get distracted by something else entirely.

5)       You learn more about some different technique (marketing or healing) that promises to give you what you want (clients, knowledge or money). So you spend time and money learning it only to realize that you really didn’t need it.. Or you discover that you have to learn a whole lot more in order to get the clients, knowledge or money you want. So you go looking for a new technique that will promise to give you what you want.

So, what is underneath Bright Shiny Object Syndrome? I believe it is run by fears:

  • Fears of being rejected. (What if they say no?)
  • Fears of not being or knowing enough. (What if I get started and I mess it up?)
  • Fears about asking people to work with you. (What if they think I’m a fraud?)
  • Fears about being good enough. (What if I’m kidding myself?)
  • Fears about not doing something right. (What if I mess things up?)
  • Fears about committing to your business. (What if it doesn’t work out?)

Once you know what’s really causing your Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, you can do your inner work around it. You can use tapping or other wonderful healing techniques to soothe the fears and anxieties… and then go do your work that you were avoiding. You know the work that actually gets you clients.

When you set a goal – or state your intentions – for the day, check in with yourself throughout the day and ask: “Am I staying on track with what I said I would do?” If so, great!

If not, then ask: “What do I need to do to get back to what I said I would do?”  Then do it.

There is power in creating your business consciously. Intentionally.


There is power in doing what you said you would do,
when you said you would do it. 

If you are not in integrity with yourself,
then how can your clients trust that you’ll be in integrity with them?

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome will get soothed as you do your work on your energy and your mindset. But first, you have to understand what it is that is actually running the show. Then clear it. Because once you do, you’ll discover that you won’t be as distracted, and you get a whole lot done! In addition, you discover the clients will come to you easily because your ability to help them has increased … exponentially!


“As within, so without.” ~ Hermes Trismegistus



8 thoughts on “5 Ways Bright Shiny Object Syndrome Keeps You from Making Money”

  1. Thanks. This is me to a T.

    Of course, I found this article while getting distracted away from getting me work done!

    I’m printing it out and I’m keeping it close to my workspace.

    1. I hope it helped, Tiffani. Last week on the Blog Talk Radio Show with Tikoshia Davis, she suggested every morning that people write down 3 things they want to accomplish during the day and keep focused on those 3 things, to at least get them done during the day.

      You might want to listen to her interview… http://www.blogtalkradio.com/divinely-intuitive-business-radio-show/2014/08/13/tikoshia-davis-are-you-playing-russian-roulette-with-your-business

      Big hugs, Anne

  2. OMG, Anne. You were writing about me, right? Jeez, I am suffering from this but laughing about it too. My goal now is culling my email subscriptions so I’m only receiving mail from people and about things that really resonates with me. AND doing the inner work, that’s essential.

    Thank you for this spot on article!

    1. I love that, Linda! Too funny!

      By the way, a big congratulations on the email! (Just don’t unsubscribe mine – lol!)



  3. What a great article! I returned to it few times. Of course, I knew about BSO syndrome and knew I’m suffering from it (there;s always desire to improve!) but to hear so clearly about the ways it shows up and fears behind is really enlightening. I guess the fact that I would normally do things I told I would do for my clients (opps, guilty even here with small things and I remember once it really annoyed me working with one of my coaches in the past that she promised things that were never done – unintentionally, and that was a great lesson to always be aware of what is it that I promise), but even bigger issue is that I promise (and believe I will!) to myself and don’t get it done. Tapping and self-love work for me!

    1. I love this, Inga! There is something so powerful about doing what we say we will do (especially to ourselves)! I, too, had one of those ah-ha moments with a coach who promised things, but didn’t deliver. Now that I’m sensitive to this issue, I find myself working on how to keep my word to people because at times I forget that I promised something… didn’t write it down, put it on the calendar to do, etc. Then I get egg on my face! Oops!

      Yes, indeedy, tapping and self-love are essential. 🙂

      xoxoxo Anne

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