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7 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Client

“I don’t understand it,” Sarah said to me. “People make appointments with me and then don’t show. No cancelation or anything. Why would they do that?”

Shortly thereafter, Sarah didn’t keep her appointment with me. And she didn’t cancel. She just didn’t show up. I was amused at the obvious connection, although I’m not sure Sarah was aware of it.

One thing I know for sure as I build my business is that there is a definite  connection between who I’m being as a client and the type of clients I attract. I’ve realized that if I want to attract a certain caliber of client, then I need to be a certain caliber of client.

Listed below are 7 ways for you to check your own level of congruence and integrity. If you are struggling with clients being out of integrity in any of these areas, then clean up your act in your own life.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly it will show up for you in your own clients’ behavior.  And you’ll be so glad you did!

1) Pay your bills on time and with a sense of gratitude for the services given.  (Don’t you want your clients to do the same?)

Woman paying bills online

2) Do what you say you’ll do – when you say you’ll do it… even if it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable or (gasp!) costs you money. Be your word.

3) Take responsibility for your stuff. If you get triggered, own your crap.  Don’t go into the blame game and make it someone else’s fault. Your trigger = your stuff. Period. Look for the gold in the trigger. I promise you, it’s there.

4) Stand in your power. This means not being a victim to circumstances, to outside influences or to other people’s “shoulds.” It’s your life. It’s your business. Own it.

5) Be coachable. Turn off the “I already know that” part and open yourself  up to the wisdom and guidance of someone who has been there and moved through that.

6) Be willing to be uncomfortable. Taking risks is a normal part of growing – both personally and growing a business. You can’t have growth without movement. That would be in opposition of the Divine laws of the Universe.  They’re called “growing pains” for a reason.

7) Trust. This is a biggie. Whether it’s trusting yourself, trusting your coach or trusting the Divine, suspend your cynicism and just choose to trust. Your life and your business will transform before your very eyes.

As you incorporate these ways of being into who you are as a client, the type of clients you attract will also transform. It can be no other way. And before you know it, your client base will be filled with your perfect, ideal clients!


Divine hugs, Anne

Now go get your Divine ON!


6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Client”

  1. Anne,

    Hi, I’m Suburban Clairvoyant from over at wordpress. 🙂
    BOY this article sure hits home for me. These are some things I’m learning about myself, and you’ve touched on a couple of keys for me. Thank you for sharing these perfect points. I’m working on it! I’m working on it! Much Love!
    SubClair 🙂

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