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A Blessing of Freedom for You

Today is the 4th of July in the USA.

Independence Day.

It is a day where we celebrate our freedom. Our freedom to speak against a government that we disagree with. Our freedom to worship the way we believe. Our freedom to build a life (and business) the way we desire.

I don’t take my freedom lightly. I honor it and celebrate it. I hold it to be a sacred blessing that I have in my own life.  I am so incredibly grateful that I live in a country where I can choose my spouse, my livelihood, and my faith. And where I can speak about what I believe without fear of being hauled off in the middle of the night and tortured.

My rock-solid awareness of this freedom has given me a foundation to build my business and expand my reach into countries all over the world.

My gift to you, this Independence Day is two-fold:  1) a blessing and 2) an opportunity to participate in a fabulous upcoming joint venture giveaway, specifically for Spiritual Entrepreneurs … either as a JV contributor (now) or as a member (on July 7).

Doing either will support you in claiming your freedom for yourself:

building your spiritual business,
getting connected with the Divine at a deeper level,
getting connected with your Divine peeps at a deeper level, and
getting connected with the abundance you deserve at a deeper level.

 May it be so.


A Blessing of Freedom for You

May you know the gift you are to the world

May you know the gift you are to yourself

May you know the gift you are to the Divine

May you see yourself as the world sees you:
Beautiful. Capable. Compassionate.
Strong. Capable.

May you see yourself as the Divine sees you:
Pure. Whole. Complete. Divine. Perfect.

May you see yourself as you truly are
Magnificent. Beautiful. Powerful. Abundant.

May you know this truth deep within your being…
for it is this Truth that shall set you free!

May you always be free.


Happy 4th of July, Divine One!



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