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A Christmas Blessing for You


Today is Christmas, a day we celebrate the Divine birth of sacred energy within. Today, millions of people all over the world will celebrate Christmas by giving and receiving gifts, eating great food and laughing and sharing loving memories with family and friends.


I LOVE Christmas!


As a child, I loved the holiday music, the quietness of the season, and the fun of gift giving and receiving. I loved the connection people had with one another, the smiles they gave, and their lightness of being.


In honor of this beautiful, sacred time, I offer you this blessing, just for you, as you look forward to a New Year of co-creation with the Divine.


May you experience the Divine birth of your sacred dreams;

May you see the manifestation of your dreams quickly and easily;

May you clearly hear that still small voice within as it guides you in each step that you take;

May you have the abundance you so richly deserve for having the courage it takes follow that quiet guidance;

May you see your own beautiful light as you shine it brightly into the world around you;

May you feel the joy that you bring to others as you offer yourself and your gifts;


May you experience the pure, sacred love of the Divine.

May this be so … in all ways, always.


Have a very beautiful, very blessed Christmas!


Divine hugs to you,



Now go get your Divine ON!

(like this little tree is doing!)


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