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A Love Note from Anne with a Complimentary Gift

This week was an interesting one.  I had to have surgery to fix something.  It was a relatively simple surgery, and common enough.  I was even released the same day. 

But it was still surgery.



The week before had been filled with multiple doctors’ appointments and blood work, getting all of the oks from my insurance company, clearing my calendar, and so on. 

It was also filled with getting my mind and body ready for the experience to come.

One of the things I did was to talk to my body – to tell it what was going to happen and that I knew it was going to be able to handle it.  I knew it was going to know just how to heal perfectly and quickly.  And I knew it was going to relax and allow.

In addition, I called in my Divine Team:  my angels and the angels of my doctors – the surgeon and anesthesiologist – the nurses and anyone else having anything to do with the surgery itself (including those who clean the instruments). 



I called in the angel of the OR (operating room).  I asked them for help. 

I called in the angel of pre-op and recovery, and asked them for help.

I asked my friends who were healers to pray and send healing energy.  I tapped.  I meditated.  I visualized.  I affirmed my health.  I affirmed the success of the procedure.

By the time Tuesday came around, I was ready, body, mind and spirit.

That morning, as we were in the prep room with the nurses and anesthesia team all around, the nurse began to get me ready for the IV.  Now, I dislike IVs.  I find them to be very painful going in.  But I decided I was going to allow, and not resist. 

I tapped on myself as she disinfected the back of my hand – with my eyes closed.  I just couldn’t look.  I took some deep breaths and kept tapping.  Franscisco kept connection with me by holding his hand on my shoulder. 

I called on the angels for help.

It was the easiest IV insertion ever.  I won’t say I barely felt it, because I did.  But it was truly a non-event. 

The anesthetic team asked me about recovery, and if there was anything I needed.  I remembered after my appendix was taken out several years ago the post-op wake-up was jolting and frankly, traumatic.  The nurse yelled at me (it seemed to me) and poked me and I remembered panicking because I couldn’t breathe after they took out the tube.  For days afterward, I tapped on that incident.  And even though I had tapped on it, I was afraid the same thing would happen this time.

It’s amazing what happens when you simply ask.  I told her, “I’m totally coachable, just tell me that I know how to breathe, that it’s easy for me to breathe, I’ve done this before, and ask me to open my eyes.  Please call me Anne, not Evelyn (my first name), so I’ll know who you’re talking to.” 

She said “I’m so glad you told me; now I know how to wake you up.  The nurse had probably called you Evelyn the last time and you didn’t respond, which is why all of that happened.”

Good to know.

The surgery went very well, and post-op was wonderful.  No traumatic experiences at all.  I don’t even remember waking up.

Recovery has been quite good.  There have been some difficult periods, but mostly it’s been very, very good. 

One of the things I’ve done to support my healing has been tolisten to a recording of health affirmations I created about 5 years ago, to visualize my health, and to rest.  Lots.

I’m telling you all of this because, well, here’s the thing:  as I’ve been building my business, I still experience life.  I still experience the joys and challenges that life offers – new new opportunities to stand in faith and to use the Divinely Intuitive™tools, like: 

  • Call on your Divine Team of angels,
  • Choose faith instead of fear,
  • Using tapping, Reiki and other energy healing tools,
  • Listen to and use affirmations,
  • Meditate and visualize,
  • Ask for prayers and healing from other healers and intuitives,
  • Allow yourself to be in the experience and choosing to not resist it and make yourself wrong for it,
  • Choose to see the blessings in the experiences,
  • and so on. 

This morning I realized that you may be experiencing health challenges – or maybe you know someone who is.  I felt that by sharing my journey may help you through that challenge.  And I realized one of the things I can do is to share this openly and to offer you the gift of my health affirmations mp3 to support you.


Yes, gift.  It’s absolutely fr*ee.  No strings attached.  (To purchase the CD itself is $24.95, but you can get the affirmations mp3 track completely fr*ee.)  You’ll also get the pdf of the affirmations and the tapping points so you can tap along with them, if you choose. 

 All you have to do to claim your gift is ask.  Send an email to RevAnne at divinelyintuitivebusiness dot com and say:


“Please send me a copy of the health mp3.” 


My Divine team will send you the link and the password to access it so you can download it and listen any time you like. 

The affirmations are really good to listen to as you are going to sleep, because they will gently reprogram your subconscious mind as you fall asleep. 

If you’re dealing with a health challenge, this will help.  If you know someone who is dealing with a health challenge, this will help.  Please feel free to share this offer with them.

I have been so incredibly blessed by you being a part of my life.  When I get your love notes of appreciation, I am so touched by them. 

I want to say thank you for sharing your journey with me. 

I am so grateful you are part of this Divine community and that you are in my life.  Even if we’ve never met or even talked with one another, I know you are there.  I feel your presence.  And I am touched by it.

My offering for you is this:


May you be blessed with great health –

physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually –

so that you may bring your sacred gifts to the world, powerfully and abundantly,

the way you know you have been called to do.


May you be blessed by those around you,

deeply and richly,

as you have blessed others with your work. 


And may you know your beauty, your power,

and your deep connection with the Divine,

and stand tall in that knowing.


May your work be seen and experienced by many,

honored and respected,

and welcomed as the gift it is.


May you know this truth in all ways.  Always.


And so it is.


Thank you, truly, for being a part of my journey.


Divine hugs,


Get Your Divine On


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