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A Story of Divine Manifestation

Today is moving day for our family. By the time you read this, the movers will be loading the truck with all of our treasures and taking them to our new home. It’s a typical story, right?

Except it isn’t.

Maybe because it’s my story I think it’s particularly fascinating. But maybe it’s particularly fascinating because well, it actually is particularly fascinating!

You see, this story is one of conscious co-creation with the Divine. I intentionally and consciously manifested this house. And getting there wasn’t particularly easy, although once we found the house, everything went unbelievably smoothly.

This all started a year ago – 12/12/2017, when I had an ancestral clearing session with Linda J. Wells. 

(You can learn more here about her ancestral clearing sessions.)

My ancestor was a poor woman who would walk by grand homes and see them all lit up inside and wish she could live in something like that, but never felt she could have it for herself. 

In that session, we cleared the energy of that belief that she never felt she could have it.

I then forgot about the session. Completely. Until February 4, when I had a dream about a house. A beautiful house. A house that I ached to live in.

And as I awoke from the dream, I heard this: You can create your home the same way you created Francisco in your life. It’s up to you.

The next day, I found a home I fell in love with. Besotted. Head over heels.

I wanted that home.

By the time we were ready to put in an offer (it took us a while), we learned another person had just put an offer on it. (That happened 5 more times over the next 4 months!)

We decided to take a two-month break. All of that searching and looking and talking about the houses was exhausting and distracting us both from our work!

In October, we found another home, and put in an offer, but got stopped at the inspection stage. We backed out when we learned that the home needed major improvements.

The day we made the decision to back out of our offer, the home we now are moving into revealed itself to us. Within a week, it had 3 offers on it, one of which was ours.

Here’s the thing with this: we did everything we knew to do to manifest our home.

Here’s what that looked like:

  • I did energy clearings,
  • We tapped on our emotional stuff,
  • We fixed up our own home,
  • I created a vision book,
  • I prayed and affirmed my home, 
  • I envisioned our new home,
  • We fixed up our current home,
  • We energetically let go of our current home, and
  • I called the new home into our energy field.

And yet… Nada.


Nothing. NO. Thing. Not one iota.

Omg, it was frustrating! I wondered what I was doing wrong. And then I worked on the fear that I was doing something wrong. (If you do all of that deep inner work, then you know exactly what I’m saying.)

And then I gave it over to the Divine. I surrendered. And then it happened.

Here’s the thing: this house is more than just a home (although that is enough).  It is the beginning of a dream of mine. It is the start of the Divine Sanctuary, a refuge for rescue animals. 

If you’ve read my emails this fall, you know I already started with a horse that was rescued from a kill pen in Pennsylvania. His name is Sir Galahad and I can hardly wait to meet him. 

What kept me going through the dark times was the thought of all the animals who will be coming to live with us. I couldn’t quit. I couldn’t give up, even though I wanted to, more than once. Because they depended on me. They needed me to keep going.

It was like when I was building my business. I wanted to quit so many, many times. But I just kept going. I kept trying things, and I kept tweaking the things that I noticed worked. 

And that’s the biggest lesson: don’t quit.

Keep going. Keep trying new things. Keep tweaking the things that work until they are fluid. Because that’s how you create that sacred vision, whether it’s your own Divine Sanctuary or your own Divine Biz.

Who is it that needs you to keep going?

Keep going, Divine One.

You will be oh, so glad you did.


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