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Are You on the “Yes” Express?

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet Jack Canfield.  Jack Canfield is the famous author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.  He is also a multi-millionaire, star of the movie, The Secret, and author of numerous other books on success.  Jack is practically a house-hold name. 


Jack and Pamela, my coach, are co-authoring a book on using tapping for success, to be published by Hay House this spring: 2012.


So… Pamela asked for several volunteers who had been working with their program to come into the recording studio and be recorded for their upcoming DVD to be released with the book.  The moment I heard about this offer, I knew I had to be a part of it.


I didn’t know why and it didn’t make sense.  But I didn’t care.  My intuition told me to go.


Those of you who have been around me for a while know I always trust my intuition.


Many times in business, you will be guided to do things that don’t make sense, that seem to be difficult, that may be challenging – and yet you know they are the right thing to do.  Things like an assistant for your team, hiring a mentor, taking a trip, going to an event, purchasing a training, signing on with a new software system or service. 


Trusting and taking action upon your intuition can be a challenge at times because to the logical mind, it doesn’t make sense.


And here’s another point with following your intuition: it doesn’t make sense to other people.  (And sometimes not even to you!) 


That’s ok.  They’re not walking in your shoes.  They don’t have your experiences.  They don’t know the dreams in your heart.


When I shared my interest in doing this, several people questioned me.  “Why would you go all the way to LA?” one said.  “I wouldn’t fly all the way there just for that!” another one said.


I ignored them.  I knew, inside my being, it was the right thing.


I live in South Florida and the studio is in Los Angeles, California – clear across the country.  In order to do this, I had to fly on Valentine’s Day to LA and then home the next day.  It would be an arduous and expensive trip.


Here’s the thing:  while I don’t understand all the reasons why this was important at this point in time, here are some of the reasons that I could see:


1.       Jack Canfield.  I got to meet him in person, have lunch with him, laugh with him, experience being around him.  


    Before you think this is not such a big deal, let me explain to you why, in energetic terms, this is a big deal. 


    When you have a dream in your life about where you want to go and how you want to live, it is essential to surround yourself with people who are where you want to go


Hang out with people who have blazed the trail before you. 


    I had an opportunity get into my body what it’s like to be hanging around with a multi-millionaire.  This more easily allows me to now train my mind and body to step into that experience.


    This experience allowed me to try on the casualness of wealth, the joy of wealth and the fun of wealth.  What’s that worth?  Gold.


2.       Pamela Bruner. I got to hang out with a favorite person of mine all day, and to be around her energy.  I got to watch as she creates her dream right before my eyes, so beautifully and so successfully. 


If you want to birth your own dreams, be around others who are birthing theirs.



3.       Hay House.  I got to energetically connect with my favorite publishing house – in a whole different way.  I love Hay House!   I love what they put out.  Their programs, their books, their authors … I love what they represent. 


    To be able to be a part of something like that was magnificent. 


If you want to create something in your life, you must energetically connect to it first.


4.       Big Opportunity.  I got to be a part of this incredible new program. This DVD and book program is going to be an amazing success, and it is going to help many people transform their thinking so that they can take the actions they need to take to create their dreams.


    This was not an opportunity I was willing to say “no, it’s too inconvenient” to.


When opportunity shows up, say “Yes!”


5.       Recording Success.  When I’m ready to create a recording myself, I’ll have a first-hand experience what going into a DVD recording studio looks and feels like. 


    When you experience something visually, physically, auditorially, and energetically, you have a very powerful knowing to connect with in then creating that for yourself.


Getting an experience in your body, viscerally, helps you create what you want much more quickly. 


6.       Name Recognition.  In business, name and brand recognition is essential. When you first begin, you must connect with mentors who have gone before you. 


    When you work with a mentor, you align your energy with theirs and your work with their work, because you learn from them.


Your mentor’s connections become your connections. 


This is an important and fun piece of growing your business. 


Questions for you to ponder:

1)  What are you saying ‘yes’ to in your life?

2)  And, more important, what do you need to say ‘yes’ to in your life? 

3) What is your intuition telling you to say yes to, and you’re not listening?

4)  Are you willing to let go of your fear and trust your gut?


If so, then take one action today to anchor it in your being.  Step out in trust, and follow your intuitive guidance.  Do it now.  (You’ll be glad you did.)


Even if you don’t understand where your intuition is guiding you, if you want to have your dreams become manifested into reality, then you must learn to fully trust your intuition.  Because that is the way your path unfolds, one step at a time.

Get going, Divine One!  Your world is waiting for you!

Hugs, Anne



5 thoughts on “Are You on the “Yes” Express?”

  1. Anne,

    I really like your messages through out your blog it really resonates with me. I’m going to pass this on to people I know that will love your message. Many of the people that are in my network are connected to Jack and so they “get it” so to speak:)


    1. GREAT story!!!! Currently I’m reading The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen…she wtreis good, light stories, full of magic. After reading something heavy like ‘Ambulance Girl’ by Jane Stern I needed to smile a bit.

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