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Are You Saying “Yes!” Yet?

Years ago, I heard a story about Deepak Chopra and how he said “yes” when things were presented to him.  It was told by the woman who, well, made him famous. 

She tells about how she was an unknown, untested marketer and she heard Deepak speak.  He, too, was unknown at the time. 

She knew she could “put him on the map.”  So after his speech, she walked up to him and introduced herself and, in essence, said “I want to work with you to get your work out to the world.  I think your message is powerful and the world needs to hear it.”

Deepak looked at her and said  “Yes.”  And as a result of their work together, she did indeed “put him on the map.”

She told the story years later, after the success.  She said “I couldn’t believe that he said ‘yes’ to me, an unknown.  But what I didn’t know at the time was that Deepak said ‘yes’ to everything that came his way.” 

Now you have to get the power of that story. 

Deepak said “Yes” to

EVERYTHING that came his way.


I don’t know about you, but that just boggles my mind.  Everything?  Seriously?  The lesson is so powerful and so deep, it has stayed in my mind for over a decade.

In preparing this article, I found the following, written by Deepak, which exemplifies his philosophy: 


Yes to Life


Today, I will say yes to life.

I will understand that everything is as is because the whole universe is as is.

I will not struggle against the universe by resisting what it wants.

When things don’t seem to go my way, I will let go of my idea of how things should be trusting that I do not know the “Big Picture.”

If I could see the “Big Picture,” I would see that everything is as is, because the universe is as is.

By saying “yes” to life, I will be in harmony with the elements and forces of the whole Universe.


So, let’s apply this principle to your business. 

Where are you saying “no” in your business when an opportunity shows up for you and you could be saying “yes”?

Where are you resisting the very guidance and support you have been given (and asking God for) because you don’t want to do the work, or invest the money, or to be a bigger, more powerful version of yourself?

Who and what are you resisting? 


If you have an answer that shows up for you, then just notice it.  (Don’t make yourself wrong.)  Now ask yourself “Why? Why am I resisting this?  What am I getting from resisting it?” 


Because when you resist something, there’s a reason.  You are definitely getting something from resisting.  (Staying safe and secure are usually the top reasons for saying “No.”)


Isn’t it time to lay that aside and step into who you came to be?


I say “Yes!” and I invite you to say “Yes!” too.


Yes! to yourself!

Yes! to your business!

Yes! to the Divine!


Now go get your Divine ON!


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