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Are You Waiting for Black Friday?

Hey there, Divine One! 

Are you getting emails from the big companies about Black Friday yet?  I am … with lots of sneak previews. 


I love Black Friday, although I didn’t always.  I used to think it was crazy to get up way early in the morning and go stand in line.  I thought people would be pushy and rude and try to elbow their way in front of you.  So I stayed away.

And then I married Francisco.  (St. Francisco, if you’ll recall from my recent email.)  He loves Black Friday.  He actually enrolled me into getting up at the godawful hour of 3 or 4 am and heading out the door to STAND IN LINE in the cold Virginia fall! 

First we waited in line at one store.  Then we waited in line AT the store to buy our things.  Then we hopped in the car and waited in line at another store. 

And on it went until we had no more money, no more energy, or had gotten everything we wanted to get. 

I began to see the logic.  And I began to see how fun it was. Our Black Friday treasure hunt became a yearly date.

Black Friday often enabled us to get some really great gifts for our families, something for which I was very grateful!

But… and here’s the but:  there were a number of times when we HAD to wait until Black Friday before we were able to buy things. 

Because we just couldn’t afford them at the normal price. 

And that wasn’t fun.  Because it often meant that we couldn’t buy the exact brand we wanted, or the exact item.  We had to settle. 

One year we bought a digital camera for $100.  I was thrilled because my camera’s lens had gotten damaged, and this seemed like an upgraded version of my Nikon. 

But… I hated the battery pack and the new style, and I ended up not using it at all.  Francisco ended up taking it to his lab to use.  I settled for the camera because I didn’t want to spend the money on the one I really wanted.  The one I bought seemed “good enough.”

Except that it wasn’t. 

How many times do we do this?  How many times do we settle for what we really don’t want (because we can afford it), or we wait until a major sale happens before we buy what we really want?

What if it could be different?

What if …

  • You could just go to the store to get what you need when you need it?
  • You could just go to the store to get what you WANT when you want it?
  • You did NOT have to wait until a Black Friday to get what you want or need?
  • You knew you could create the money you wanted for whatever you wanted to get?
  • You could afford to hire your Divine team – your mentor, your assistant, your graphic designer, your web designer, etc.?
  • You could afford to purchase the trainings you want WHEN you wanted them (and not have to wait until a sale)?
  • You could just know you are always supported and provided for by the Divine – no matter what?

What if?

Well, I believe it’s possible, I really do.  Because I’ve been on both sides of this situation, and let me tell you, it’s a lot easier on this side, where I’m not watching my pennies like a hawk.

It’s a lot easier, for example, to build my business with a team who supports me.  They help my business expand because:

  • They take care of details I’m not good at,
  • They offer support to my clients that would take a lot of extra time away from other clients,
  • They provide support so I can market my business, 
  • They provide support when I offer program and joint venture giveaways, thus enabling me to support far more people than I could otherwise.

And it’s a lot easier being able to sleep at night

because I’m not worrying about money

and how I’ll pay my team.

You can have that, too.  

Tap into Your Divine Money (which starts Tuesday, 11/10 – just THREE DAYS AWAY!), is a 4-week online program that will help you access your own deep and loving connection with your money.

It will help you be someone who attracts more of that yummy stuff (money), both in your business and in your life. 


What this means is that you can use that yummy stuff to help you build your business, and to help you enjoy the holidays more (not just in 2015, but for the rest of your life!) because you can ultimately do things like:

  • Buy your family presents that you really want to get them and not always look at the price tag;
  • Donate generously to the causes and charities you want to donate to;
  • Travel to places you dream of traveling to,
  • Visit family or be able to pay for them to visit you;
  • Rest easy during the holiday season knowing full well that when January comes, you have no problem taking care of the bills.

Like who doesn’t want that, right?

Look, I know that it’s a big promise to say that this course will help you be able to do this, but I’m taking a strong stand that it will.  You see, the tools and techniques we’ll cover in the program have transformed my own financial life. 

And because they are universal tools – meaning tools that are based on universal laws and energy, they will do the same for you.  (if you use them, that is.)

Come and at least check it out.  It’s going to be an awesome program.  Plus, it’s affordably priced (VERY affordably priced). 

Consider it your early Black Friday gift, one you give to yourself(!)and you don’t even have to stand in line!


Tap into Your Divine Money

A 4-week Online Virtual Event



Here’s the bottom line:  Your financial life does not need to be one where you have to wait until Black Friday to get nice gifts … or to only shop the sales during the year. 
You can create your life to be one where you buy what you want when you want … AND you can have the Black Friday fun, too, if that’s what you enjoy.
Remember, we start on Tuesday, November 10.
I hope to see you there. 
Divine hugs, 
Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business 

p.s.  Don’t let an inner conversation about money stop you from learning how to connect with, and create more, money.  Just don’t do that to yourself. 

Although if that is what’s happening, then you’ll want to be in this class, so you can change that inner conversation! 
p.p.s.  If you’re drawn to this class, but you’ve got your“Yeah, but” going – “Yeah, but I’m busy” or “Yeah, but I took another class on money and it didn’t help” – please, please listen to your inner guidance, not your “Yeah, but.” 
Your inner guidance is always right.  Always.  Your“Yeah, but” is your fear, your resistance, and it will talk you out of your intuitive guidance (if you let it).  Always. 
Here’s that link again:  

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