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Asking for What You Want in Biz

This week, I had a long conversation with a woman about her business and money. And she realized that at the bottom of all the drama was the fact that she was afraid to ask for what she wanted. She was afraid to believe she could actually get it. And, she was afraid that if she did get it, she would lose who she is.

I’ve found that to be true for so many of us. So much so that we frequently just don’t ask for what we want because of things we were told in our childhood that we carry into our adulthood.

Maybe we are afraid because we were shut down in the past. (“No! You can’t have that!”)

Or maybe we didn’t get what we asked for so we just stopped asking. (“We don’t have the money for that so you might as well just stop asking.”)

Or maybe we were shamed when we asked. (“What makes you think you deserve to have that?”)

Or maybe the dream feels just too big, too far away, too much to ask for. (“Why are you even bothering?”)

And so, like a fragile teacup, that very important, very precious “ask” part of us can get broken.

But there’s still this dream in our hearts.

The dream to create a Divine business.

The dream to create an abundant, sustainable income.

The dream to create a client list full of happy, ideal clients.

Think about it. When you ask for the abundant, sustainable income in your business, what are the thoughts that seem to pop up unbidden in your mind?

I can’t have that.
I’ve tried and it hasn’t worked.
I keep trying but I just don’t see how.
I don’t know why it seems to work for others, but not for me.
I’m asking for too much.

And so on.

What about when you think about asking for a client list full of happy, ideal clients, what comes up in your mind?

I can’t even imagine having a full list of clients.
Happy clients? Well, maybe a few, but not everyone. You know there’s always that one…
Ideal clients? (same as above)
Do I really even want more clients?
Clients just push my buttons and my boundaries. Why would I want more of that?

And so on.

The fear of asking will stop us all the time. It will stop us from asking for what we want in our relationships. It will stop us from asking for what we want in our lives. And it will stop us from asking for what we want in our businesses.

We don’t want to look pushy. We are afraid of what someone else will think. We are afraid we’re being inappropriate.

So we develop the muscle of not asking and it becomes a habit. Even in the little things. And then we wonder why our businesses aren’t growing in the way we want and need them to.

So… how can you fix this habit?

It’s simple, but maybe not easy because you’re developing a new way of being. Here it is:

Ask for what you want…
even little stuff.

Here are some suggestions to help you out:

  • Ask your angels to help you out in all situations.
    • Challenges with your computer? Ask your angels to help.
    • Problems with your bank? Ask your angels to help.
    • Applying for a loan? (Think business, SBA or PPP loans) Ask your angels to help.
    • Problems with tech? Ask your angels to help.
    • Problems with a client or a colleague? Ask your angels to help.
  • Ask others to connect with you. You know, reach out and touch someone (not literally in this day of COVID-19, but you know what I mean).
    • Ask the people you want to connect with to be open to connecting. (Talk to their higher selves before reaching out.)
  • Ask your angels to help you make the connections you need.
    • Colleagues
    • Friendships
    • Support persons
  • Ask for support.
  • Ask for help.
  • Ask for guidance.
  • Ask for downloads.
  • Ask for things to be easy.

And then get out of the way so that it can be. (In other words, drop the drama.)

One thing you can do to support yourself in developing this new habit is to join in on the Divine New Moon Magic calls that I offer (totally free) each month. On these calls we look at what we want to create in the upcoming month and then do some energy release around any resistance we may have to feeling like we can create that.

Curious? Great! Click on the graphic below and it will take you to the page so you can join in the fun.

I hope to see you there.



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