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As you know, I’ve been playing a bit with Facebook Lives. I’ve done several of them tapping with the focus on client attraction. And they’ve been fun!
But I want to do something different.
Announcing… A 4-part Facebook Live Series:
Awaken Your Divine Biz
Part 1:    The Divine Challenge
Part 2:   Your Divine Calling
Part 3:   Your Divinely Reluctant Yes.
Part 4:   Your Divine Journey
Many intuitive entrepreneurs feel very challenged as they grow their businesses, so I thought that talking about the process of creating a successful, abundant business would be helpful. And breaking it down into four sections will make it easier to digest.
So, starting TODAY, Monday, June 19th at 1 pm Eastern, you are invited to join me for a fun, relatively short (approximately 30 minutes) Facebook Live training on Part 1 of Awakening Your Divine Biz: The Divine Challenge.
Here’s the link:
Here’s the video:

 So many times, we really want to grow our businesses, but there are so many challenges facing us:
  • How do you bring all of your trainings into one yummy brand called you?
  • How do you create consistent, abundant income?
  • How do you create offerings juicy enough that people want to buy them?
  • How do you market your services in a way that is authentic and real (and fun!) for you?
  • How do you hold sales conversations about your services in a way that is sacred and healing; not pushy and sleazy?
Shall I go on?  
We’re going to go over these points today on the call.  And tomorrow, we’ll talk about Your Divine Calling.
Sound good?
Great!  I’ll see you at 1 pm Eastern on Facebook!  I’m looking forward to it! 
Until then, lovey…
Get Your Divine On

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