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The Big Bang Theory of 2015

It’s February at the gym
and only crickets are there…
(my Big Bang Theory)

Hey there, Divine One!

It’s the middle of January, two weeks after New Year’s Day, and all around you can hear the sounds of resolution after resolution thudding to the ground.

One friend said “I swore I was going to clean out my office so I could really work there, and yet here I am, still sitting on the sofa working on my laptop.”

Another said “I swore I was going to reach out to past clients to reconnect and yet here it is, the middle of the month, and I haven’t put anything into place to do that.”

Yet another said “I was so excited to launch my new program and then, sigh … nothing happened, except everyone else launched their programs, too.  Ugh, I’m feeling so discouraged!”

And so the big bang theory of 2015 begins to fizzle.

You know how you go to the gym on January 1 and you have to wait in line to get on a machine?  But when you go on February 1, the only things there are crickets.

There are starting to be only crickets.

There’s a reason they say “Old habits die hard.


The truth is, if you want something different, you have to do – and be – something different. 

Do you want 2015 to be different?  I mean … really different?

If so, then join me for four weeks in Plan Your Divine Year where:

  • We go deeply into what worked – and what didn’t – in 2014, let it go, and start fresh for 2015.
  • You will create a new vision for 2015, and then put structures into place to anchor and manifest that vision.
  • You will understand how your offerings affect your business, and what really brings in the money, and then go create the money.
  • You will create a solid business plan for 2015, done by you and your higher self for your Divine business.
  • You will come away with a deeper connection to your own Divine Team (those guides and angels who are helping you out each step of the way) so that you can develop a profound partnership with them.

Come, get inspired.  Create the inspiration you need as you grow your business.

It’s not too late to put together a business plan that will support you in creating the year you truly desire.

And it’s definitely not too late to put into place the support for creating your Divinely-connected, Divinely-guided, beautiful, bountiful and very blessed business in 2015!

(Click below)

Plan Your Divine Year

The program begins January 20. 

I hope I’ll see you there!

Divine Hugs,


You are here to bring your gifts
to the world in a powerful way. 

Allow this program to serve you beautifully
as you co-create your Divine business in 2015. 

p.s.  To ensure that there were no barriers to your participation, this program is priced oh, so reasonably, so that it’s a no-brainer decision for you to participate.  Here’s to a fabulous 2015!


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