Hope for grief

Grief can be incredibly difficult to deal with. When you are experiencing it during a happy holiday season, however, it’s especially rough.  My good friend (and client) Susan Ways, has a beautiful podcast called Tendrils of Grief. She lost her beloved husband, Paul, to cancer three years ago, just before Christmas. She knows grief first-hand. Susan […]

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It’s finished!

The first draft of my book is finished! I gotta tell you, she looks like I feel! At this point in time, it’s kinda meaty: 400 pages, 81,000 words! Say what?! (Yeah, it’ll need whittling down a bit.) This process of writing has unfolded in so many ways. The book started out as one thing, […]

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OMG, I love you!

Anyone else feeling the effects of this Mercury Retrograde period? (And Mars Rx, and 3 other planets, I believe.) I have been feeling it so powerfully this time! For several weeks, I’ve been feeling lower than I’ve felt in a very long time. Discouraged. Frustrated. Tired. And it’s been affecting my sleep, which of course, […]

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Time to scratch the itch

As I write this, I’m scratching an itch: a no-see-’em bite on my hand. Living in South Florida, biting bugs are a part of life. Only at my old house, I never noticed them. At this house, I notice them all the time because I’m outside, especially at times when they are out: dusk.    […]

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What do you trust…?

With so much going on in the world, there is a common theme that seems to be emerging: I’m afraid to trust! Trusting is a biggie, isn’t it? Trusting that we’ll be ok, that our world will be ok, that life will be ok as we go through the process of expanding into new conscious […]

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I FINALLY manifested it!

It’s been almost two years since I said I wanted it. In September 2018, I rescued a draft horse from a kill pen and immediately realized that at some point in time, I was going to need a truck. Then we moved and got Raaja, our horse, in January 2019, and I knew we wouldn’t […]

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I can’t breathe…​

For maybe a month now, I’ve noticed something strange. I noticed that when I took in a big breath, it didn’t seem deep enough. I’d feel like I couldn’t get enough air.   Sometimes when I would lay down at night, I’d feel like I just couldn’t breathe. So I’d end up going to my […]

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Mercury Retrograde Moments

It’s Retrograde time. Not just Mercury, but Venus, as well. And we are in the middle of 3 eclipses. And a whole bunch of other astrological stuff that is putting the light on all kinds of shadows. Have you noticed?   We are certainly seeing this play out globally, that’s for sure. But personally, many of […]

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Use this fun tool for manifesting

At the Divine Diamond retreat this year, we did something really fun. We created altars for our businesses. Now I’ve known about altars for years now and I’ve had altars, but they were rather general. I had never done a specific business altar but had thought about it. More recently, I’d been thinking about doing one for […]

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Asking for What You Want in Biz

This week, I had a long conversation with a woman about her business and money. And she realized that at the bottom of all the drama was the fact that she was afraid to ask for what she wanted. She was afraid to believe she could actually get it. And, she was afraid that if […]

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Racism and White Privilege

I was six years old the first time I witnessed racism. My little friends down the block were African American, and we loved playing together. Then one afternoon one of them was running down the street and another friend – a white boy – threw a dart into her back. She screamed and pulled her […]

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Divine Biz Code: Want a reading on your Divine Biz?

Confession time: once upon a time, I set an intention to write to you weekly: in an ezine, communicating ideas and celebrations and other cool stuff. It was called The Divine Biz Code.   But that intention dropped off as I got busy with so many other things. And then I forgot. And I forgot again. […]

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My stepmother died this week

My stepmother died this week. Tuesday, to be exact. I wish I could say I’ll miss her, but I won’t. I wish I could say I loved her, but I didn’t. I wish I could say she made our family better, but well, she didn’t. My stepmother had Borderline Personality Disorder. Her illness got worse […]

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What to do when you get stuck

Do you ever get stuck? (Yes, of course you do.) Getting stuck looks like… I don’t know what to write in this email (I’m familiar with that one!) I don’t know what to do next for this launch (Yup, that one, too!) What do I say next? (Ditto) What do I do next? (Uh-huh) Ok, so we’ve established that […]

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Seriously, get this program

Building a spiritual business is such a beautiful, sacred and sometimes frustrating process! Because it seems like it can take so much to get where you are generating good money. Consistent money.  Abundant money. And what happens when it seems to take so long, we want to just quit!  We wonder “Why the heck isn’t money playing nicely with […]

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$20,000 for a new roof???

Thank goodness for tapping!  Seriously, thank goodness for tapping. When we moved in late December 2018, we knew full well we’d need to put a roof on the barn. What we didn’t knew was 1) how bad the current barn roof was, i.e., how quickly we’d need to get a new one, and 2) how […]

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Do you HATE money? (or maybe …)

Money hate. Money fear. Money panic.  It’s no fun.  Worrying about whether you’re going to have enough money left over each month, or worrying about whether you’ll be able to pay for everything you need (much less want) – well, that kinda sucks. Feeling like “I hate money!” or “I hate dealing with money!” or “I just don’t understand what […]

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You can’t get this on Amazon…

Looking back, well, it all started with a dream. When I was in my 20s, I saw some horses that were being neglected. While I called the authorities, not much was done and I felt very helpless. My desire to rescue helpless animals was cemented in that experience. Fast forward to now… I’ve become aware […]

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I’m so excited, I’m about to pop!

Last fall, I shared about rescuing a horse from a kill pen in Pennsylvania (you can read about that on my website here: “This is for Black Beauty” if you missed it.)  His name is Sir Galahad (now) and he is doing well, happily being boarded in Pennsylvania, and patiently waiting for me to come get him. […]

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How to create an amazing love (and biz!)

On January 15, 2019, I will be celebrating the co-creation of my beautiful husband and partner in my life.  We will also be celebrating his birthday. I say I created my husband on January 15, 2003, because, well, I did.  You see, in 2003, I was coming out of a big trauma in my life […]

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A Story of Divine Manifestation

Today is moving day for our family. By the time you read this, the movers will be loading the truck with all of our treasures and taking them to our new home. It’s a typical story, right? Except it isn’t. Maybe because it’s my story I think it’s particularly fascinating. But maybe it’s particularly fascinating […]

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