It’s been 30 years!

Yesterday, I was looking back at my life in business.  And I realized it’s been 30 years.  Holy moly. 30 YEARS since I started being an entrepreneur! When I began my first business, it started from my love of photography.  My daughter was little and I was soooo inspired to take a ton of pictures, […]

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He created $40K and she created $18K – from tapping!

You have an unique opportunity to listen in this morning as two people share how they have created some yummy money from just tapping! They are just like you, with businesses, hopes and dreams of creating sustainable income, and who decided to use tapping to help them create what they want.  You get to hear them share […]

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A Very Personal Share

In February, I fell in love.  Absolutely besotted, head-over-heals love. With a house. With a house that takes my breath away because it is nestled on the most yummy property I’ve ever seen in my life. A property with trees that surround it. And a stable for horses. And a huge pond with tons of […]

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What would you do with $25,000?

I’ve been dreaming of a house.  My dream house.  One that has captured my heart and my imagination.  I’ve found it, and it’s for sale… for more money than I’ve ever paid for a home before (or even considered!).    Ouch.   So, I’m working on my own beliefs about my ability to   1) create […]

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How you can make things easier…

I have a new trick up my sleeve… An easy button! When you hit it, it says “That was easy!” Every time you think about getting a client, you can hit the  button. “That was easy!” Every time you think about creating the money to be able to do things in your business, you can hit the […]

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Surviving The Tree Trimmers…

In late August, I noticed something happening in our neighborhood: the trees were being trimmed.  Seriously trimmed.  All the lower branches were being removed and the trees ended up looking like toothpicks. It’s how they roll in South Florida to get the oak trees ready for hurricanes. It’s also a bad time of year to […]

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Can I Share Something with You?

There’s something really powerful about the program I’ve been sharing ($25K in 25 Days) that triggers some people into “yeah right!” feelings. (They’ve been sharing with me all about it.) Some, however, feel excited and hopeful, like “Oh, yeah!” but for the others who are triggered, well, they have more pain around the issue of […]

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How to Create $25K in 25 Days! FB Live

When you are ready to create something in your life, usually there’s a “yeah, but” – like Yeah, but I’ve never done that before, so how do I know I can do it now? Or yeah, but that seems like it would be too much work.   Or yeah but, I don’t even know how […]

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Got Money Panic?

Money panic.  It’s no fun.  Worrying about whether you’re going to have enough money left over each month, or worrying about whether you’ll be able to pay for everything you need (much less want) – well, that kinda sucks.   But… do you realize that your beliefs actually created that panic?  Beliefs like  … “Money doesn’t come […]

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It Shouldn’t Cost You Your First-Born…

Recently, I spoke with someone who had invested over $100,000 in training on how to build her business and still felt very confused about what she was doing.  I could relate.  I spent over double that myself!  Yeah, you read that right.  (I now jokingly call that “drinking the kool-aid.”)  You see, it’s not uncommon […]

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2 Divine Case Studies: 1 Got Clients; 1 Got Money!

I want to introduce you to two of the people who will be sharing their stories on our call tomorrow. You’ll get to hear first-hand from them how they are growing their businesses, and where they are today vs where they were when they started.   You’ll get inspired to stick with it as you […]

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[FB Live] Your Divine Journey

Today is the third (and last!) in the Awaken Your Divine Biz series! I hope you enjoyed the first twone.  (You can access those videos here, if you missed them:   Part 1:  The Divine Challenge   Part 2:  Your Divine Calling    At 1 pm Eastern today, you are invited to come hang out with me […]

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She Had to Go Get a Job…

A while ago, I saw a post on Facebook from someone with whom I had spoken about her business.  At the time we spoke, she had just had a baby, had left her job and really wanted to make her business work.  But she didn’t want to spend any money learning HOW to build her […]

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[FB Live] Your Divine Calling

Today is the second in the Awaken Your Divine Biz series! I hope you enjoyed the first one.  (You can access that video here, if you missed it:   The Divine Challenge   Here’s the rundown of the four parts that you can listen in to this week:   Monday, Part 1:       […]

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Awaken Your Divine Biz-Today! FB Live

As you know, I’ve been playing a bit with Facebook Lives. I’ve done several of them tapping with the focus on client attraction. And they’ve been fun!   But I want to do something different.   Announcing… A 4-part Facebook Live Series:   Awaken Your Divine Biz   Part 1:    The Divine Challenge Part 2: […]

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What Represents Your Queendom?

Several days ago, I woke up with a headache. (rare for me, thank goodness) Later in the day, as I was walking up the step in our house, I noticed my left leg had about 1/2 the strength it normally does. Uh-oh. Time to go to my chiropractor. I was able to get in that […]

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Building Your Divine Business (the highs and the lows)

I feel like I’ve hardly had a chance to take a breath in these past couple of weeks (hence my silence).   Our niece is visiting us for the summer from Mexico, and our spare bedroom needed some serious decluttering in order to welcome her.  Now she’s here and there’s an additional person in the […]

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How to Get Great Clients

We’re going to have another Facebook Live tapping today. Care to join me for it?   Let’s tap on how to get GREAT clients, not those icky, demanding ones – lol.  (Because we’ve all had those, right?)   Here’s the link:  https://web.facebook.com/rev.anne.presuel/videos/10213169098967934/  . Here’s the replay: Until next time, lovey…   xoxoxoxo  

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Get Clients NOW

Yesterday, I talked about visibility and videos. And today, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and doing a Facebook Live video again. Yup. Screwing up my courage and just doing it. Because that’s how you build a business. You just do stuff, even when you don’t know how it will turn out. Faith. […]

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Visibility & Videos

Visibility. That’s a word that can shake an intuitive up. Videos. Yeah. That’s another one. Put them together and you’ve got “AAGGGHHH!!!” Visibility is all about being seen and heard. The fear most intuitives have about visibility is being judged and found wanting. How many of us remember all of the judgment of elementary school?  […]

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New Habits Come With a Price Tag

For the last two days I’ve been blank. I’d think about writing a Divine Daily and then … nothing. I’d do something else hoping inspiration would strike me.  Nada. So the days slid by. Today, I told myself that NO MATTER WHAT, I was going to get a Divine Daily out.  Period. So you get […]

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Clients at Your Fingertips

I’d still be struggling if I hadn’t learned this technique that you can learn today: . Friday, May 12, at 12 Noon Eastern Clients at Your Fingertips Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients with this One Simple Technique! There was a time… Seven years ago, when we filed our taxes, my income was $18,000. (And […]

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