How I got my first paying clients

It was 2003, and I was just starting my business.  I had a teen-aged daughter, and some savings on which to live.  But that spring, the savings were dwindling, significantly.  We had only a couple of months left to live on.   My Plan B was to go get a job if I needed to, […]

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What is cynicism costing you?

Years ago, I took a course called “The Forum” from Landmark Education. That course transformed my life. I learned so much! Like how to be a person of integrity by keeping my word, like how important it is to clean things up when you do break your word, and so much more.  But for purposes […]

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25 Clients in 25 Days? Really?

Clients come in many forms:  programs, workshops, and one-to-one.  And whether you are offering high-end one-on-one programs or you are working with people session-to-session (as I did for years), you can clear your energy so that you can create more clients in your business. The 25 Clients in 25 Days will help you do just that.  Last […]

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How to create your vision with ease…

In February of this year, I awoke from a dream where I was told in no uncertain terms that if I wanted my dream home I could create it the way I had created my husband in my life.  Thus began a profound journey of envisioning and exploration into what is it that we really, […]

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This secret energy technique is great for clients…and cats!

We have 6 rescue kitties in our house.  Mostly they get along, but two of them kind of don’t like each other very much.  Maya, a bengal mix, has a really big personal bubble and doesn’t like it to be intruded upon.  Asha, a tiger, absolutely loves to plop herself down right on top of […]

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I was 11 years old #WhyIDidntReport

I was 11 years old. My friend, Donna, invited me to her house one afternoon after school. She said “Some of my mom’s friends are in the basement. Want to come down to meet them?” “Sure!” I replied, and went downstairs with her. I went down into that dark, smoky room, where a man my mother’s age […]

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How you can get clients (even in your pjs!)

I love my pjs, I really, really do.  I realize that there are some people who absolutely love getting dressed, doing their hair and make-up, and going out into the world to do their work.   I used to do that.  For years.  But when I created an online business and then kept doing the […]

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How to get clients using your intuition​

It was a hot day in July 2000 when my therapist said to me “Your intuition saved your daughter’s life.”   That was the day my world fell apart. When she said that I couldn’t even think about what she meant, because my first thought was how to protect my little girl.  My next thought was […]

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When yes turns into omg, what did I just do?!

The Divine Leap Last week, I shared about rescuing a horse from a kill pen in Pennsylvania (you can read about that on my website here: “This is for Black Beauty” if you missed it.)  I completely forgot to post a photo of him in the email and many of you asked, so here you go.  Here’s […]

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This is for Black Beauty

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a thing for horses. I learned to ride at an early age. One of my earliest memories is of falling off the back of a horse and getting the wind knocked out of me. (That was awful!)  But then I got back on and rode again.  […]

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She works hard for the money, so hard for it, honey..

Remember that song by Donna Summer? (Well, you most likely do if you’re over 50.)     It was 1983. And baby, I was working hard for my money. Oh yeah, I was. I was in my 20s and trying to figure life out.   This song felt so true to me. (Plus it had a kick-butt […]

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It’s been 30 years!

Yesterday, I was looking back at my life in business.  And I realized it’s been 30 years.  Holy moly. 30 YEARS since I started being an entrepreneur! When I began my first business, it started from my love of photography.  My daughter was little and I was soooo inspired to take a ton of pictures, […]

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He created $40K and she created $18K – from tapping!

You have an unique opportunity to listen in this morning as two people share how they have created some yummy money from just tapping! They are just like you, with businesses, hopes and dreams of creating sustainable income, and who decided to use tapping to help them create what they want.  You get to hear them share […]

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A Very Personal Share

In February, I fell in love.  Absolutely besotted, head-over-heals love. With a house. With a house that takes my breath away because it is nestled on the most yummy property I’ve ever seen in my life. A property with trees that surround it. And a stable for horses. And a huge pond with tons of […]

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What would you do with $25,000?

I’ve been dreaming of a house.  My dream house.  One that has captured my heart and my imagination.  I’ve found it, and it’s for sale… for more money than I’ve ever paid for a home before (or even considered!).    Ouch.   So, I’m working on my own beliefs about my ability to   1) create […]

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How you can make things easier…

I have a new trick up my sleeve… An easy button! When you hit it, it says “That was easy!” Every time you think about getting a client, you can hit the  button. “That was easy!” Every time you think about creating the money to be able to do things in your business, you can hit the […]

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Surviving The Tree Trimmers…

In late August, I noticed something happening in our neighborhood: the trees were being trimmed.  Seriously trimmed.  All the lower branches were being removed and the trees ended up looking like toothpicks. It’s how they roll in South Florida to get the oak trees ready for hurricanes. It’s also a bad time of year to […]

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Can I Share Something with You?

There’s something really powerful about the program I’ve been sharing ($25K in 25 Days) that triggers some people into “yeah right!” feelings. (They’ve been sharing with me all about it.) Some, however, feel excited and hopeful, like “Oh, yeah!” but for the others who are triggered, well, they have more pain around the issue of […]

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How to Create $25K in 25 Days! FB Live

When you are ready to create something in your life, usually there’s a “yeah, but” – like Yeah, but I’ve never done that before, so how do I know I can do it now? Or yeah, but that seems like it would be too much work.   Or yeah but, I don’t even know how […]

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Got Money Panic?

Money panic.  It’s no fun.  Worrying about whether you’re going to have enough money left over each month, or worrying about whether you’ll be able to pay for everything you need (much less want) – well, that kinda sucks.   But… do you realize that your beliefs actually created that panic?  Beliefs like  … “Money doesn’t come […]

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It Shouldn’t Cost You Your First-Born…

Recently, I spoke with someone who had invested over $100,000 in training on how to build her business and still felt very confused about what she was doing.  I could relate.  I spent over double that myself!  Yeah, you read that right.  (I now jokingly call that “drinking the kool-aid.”)  You see, it’s not uncommon […]

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2 Divine Case Studies: 1 Got Clients; 1 Got Money!

I want to introduce you to two of the people who will be sharing their stories on our call tomorrow. You’ll get to hear first-hand from them how they are growing their businesses, and where they are today vs where they were when they started.   You’ll get inspired to stick with it as you […]

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