Bonus #3

168 Ways to Take Care of Yourself


Yeah, we got more!  Can you believe it???


This time, we’re talking about the myriad ways you can take care care of yourself – both big and small.


You see, here’s the thing: when you’re developing your intuition, you really do need to find ways to get quiet, to listen to the still, small voice within, and to be able to hear it.  If you’re noisy, or if you’re too busy, or if you’re too, well, whatever!, then you’ll find it too difficult to hear what your intuition is saying to you.


So, I’m making it a little bit easier for you.  Here are some fabulous ways for you to take care of yourself and just get quiet enough to HEAR.


So, click HERE to get your fabulously wonderful Bonus #3, 168 Ways to Take Care of Yourself! (Yes, seriously. 168!  If you come up with more, send them to me, I’ll add them in, ok?)







Rev. Anne Presuel

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