Bonus #4

“Getting Clear!” Bonus


So many times, spiritual entrepreneurs are challenged with so many things to do, and not really sure which one project – or action – to take on next.  And they don’t always stop and smell the roses along the way, either.  Many times, they just keep trying to do too many things, and then nothing really gets done.


If this sounds like you, here’s some help.  This little exercise on “Getting Clear!” will help you … well, get clear.  Clarity is one of the most important pieces we have in business.  If we aren’t clear, how the heck do we know which action to take, anyway?  (We kind of don’t.)


So, for your final bonus (well, for now, anyway), click HERE to get “Getting Clear!”






Rev. Anne Presuel

Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

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