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Breakdowns: how do you handle them?

Two weeks ago today, I started doing these Divine Dailies. I’ve been enjoying doing them and I’ve been hearing from you that you are, too.
When I started, I committed to doing it daily – Monday-Friday. And I made it 8 days.  But then…
Thursday came and went. No Divine Daily.
Friday came and went. No Divine Daily.
I was well aware. As a matter of fact, my “shoulds” were screaming in my ear: “You SHOULD get that done! You PROMISED!” “You SHOULD have topics lined up!” “You SHOULD not EVER break your word!” and so on.
Thursday was just too full of other things I had to do and calls to get prepped for. The same with Friday. And at 7 pm on Friday, I closed my computer and walked away, having had my butt handed to me by my website that day.
I told my “shoulds” to shut up.
It happens.
Now it’s Monday morning, and I’m going to get back up and do the Divine Dailies again. 
This story is such a good metaphor for building your business – or frankly for developing any new habit or exercise you are trying to do consistently.   
When you have an idea to create something that inspires you and then you don’t implement it 100% perfectly – or you don’t get the results you want – you don’t quit.

You get back up and start again. Because that’s how you grow.
That’s how you build your skills.
Think about your experiences with marketing a program or selling your services here and you’ll really get what I mean!
The bottom line is the only way to really lose in your business is to quit. Think of building your business this way: it’s a process of skill building and education. 
So, keep going, Divine One, keep going. The world needs you and your gifts.
Until tomorrow…


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