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How much does your business really cost?


How much does your business really cost you?

Let’s talk about it.  Let’s talk about what it takes to create something so incredible…

Your beautiful business. 

Your beloved business. 

Your Divine business. 

That baby that you’re loving day and night.  That baby that keeps you up at all hours, wondering if you’re doing enough, being enough, saying enough, giving enough.


That baby you would do anything for!

Because it is a business you felt called to create.  One you dream of building.  It is a business you have spent hours studying and learning about.

Because you know it will transform the world you live in.

Your beautiful, glorious, exciting, exhausting business.

What does it actually cost you?


I don’t mean in terms of money, although there is that. I don’t mean in terms of time, although there is definitely that, too.

I mean in terms of energy. I mean in terms of how your business is showing up in your life and how you are responding to it.

Does your business support you? Does it feed you? Does it take care of you?

Or is it the other way around?

You see, I believe our business should support us, nurture us and take care of us. And if they aren’t, then we won’t stay in business for very long. We’ll burn out or just simply quit.

Many spiritual entrepreneurs get into business because they feel deeply called to bring their healing and intuitive gifts to the world. So we develop those gifts. And we get very, very good at what we do.

But when we open our doors and become business owners, we realize there is a whole lot more learning to be had. Learning how to:

  • speak about what you do so that people get it (your brand & your message);
  • be seen and heard (your marketing).
  • market our services (your strategy).
  • put our services into a framework that people want (i.e., an offer, package or program).
  • attract clients (ideal clients!).
  • hire a team.
  • put solid systems in place so the business almost runs itself.

Each of these pieces is essential to building a strong, healthy business … a business that will support you, nurture you and take care of you.

A business that will allow you to
live the life you really want.

Woman Freedom


Do you:

want to be home with your kids?
Your business should let you do that.

want to support a beloved family member (or pet) through an illness?
Your business should let you do that.

want to meditate, journal or do yoga every morning? (for me, it’s swimming) 🙂
Your business should let you do that.

want to be able to afford to buy organic foods and other green products any time you want?
Your business should let you do that.

want to get a massage and/or have a housekeeper each week?
Your business should let you do that.

want to add money to your retirement account or savings account every month?
Your business should let you do that.

want to pay off your house?
Your business should let you do that.

want to travel?
Your business should let you do that.

want to significantly contribute to charities you love?
Your business should let you do that.

If your business isn’t letting you do these things, it’s either because:

  • you aren’t making enough money, or
  • you don’t have the systems in place to allow you to do it.

If either of those are true, then you’ll want to be on this call. Heck, you need to be on this call.

Divine Coaching Secrets
Real People. Real Stories.



Just click on the graphic above or the words Divine Inside Scoop. You’ll be taken to the page with the call information.
The bottom line is this:  Your business needs to grow into a healthy, strong one. And you deserve to have a business that can support you. It can only do that if it’s healthy.I hope I’ll see you on the call. I think you’ll be delighted with the experience.

We’re going to talk about how 5 people just like you are growing their businesses into healthy, strong businesses.

One of them doubled her income in just 6 months!

Another filled her client list in about 8 months!

I think you’ll want to know how they did this.

It will be fun, enlightening, and oh, so inspiring! Plus, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Divine hugs,


Oh yeah… The call is fr*ee. There’s a yummy thank you for signing up for the call, by the way. And another yummy thank you for attending the call!

Here’s that link: http://DivineCoachingSecrets.com
You don’t have to be on the call live to access it. No worries; I’ll send you the link afterward.


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