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But it’s not the right time!

“Oh, I am so excited to talk with you!” Renee told me. “I have a great business and I need some help growing it. I’ve been following you for some time and I feel really connected to how you’ve grown your business.”


As our conversation deepened, it was clear that Renee had the makings of a really great business.  

  • She was clear about whom she wanted to serve.
  • She knew how she she planned on serving them.
  • She had what I like to call “street cred” – life experience.
  • And she had a powerful story to move her forward in the difficult times of building her business.


And when it came time for her to make a decision about moving forward, she hesitated, and then said “I really want to work with you, but I’m not quite ready.”

Oh, really?

Ever heard that one before?  (Ever use it yourself?  Um-hum, thought so.)

This is an interesting objection.  On the one hand, how can you tell someone that yes, they are ready, that their fear is having its way with them?  I mean do you really know what’s going on in their lives?


Do you really think you know better than the?  About their own lives?  Really?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact I do.

Here’s why.  There is a universal truth at play here.  And that truth supercedes everything else.  And that is this:  they wouldn’t be in front of you if they weren’t ready to work with you.  Period.


They manifested you in their lives to talk about their specific challenge they are having.  A challenge which you are uniquely ready to help them resolve.


(Tiny disclaimer here:  this assumes that you actually can resolve their challenge.  For example, someone is not going to come to me to teach them Google, right?  Or video training. Or website building. You get my point.)


Back to my soapbox…


Here’s the thing: if they could have resolved their issue by now, they would have resolved it.  They are in front of you because they themselves asked for you to be there.  Either consciously or unconsciously.


If their fear (you know, that thing that has kept them stuck all this time) continues to run the show, then they won’t be able to break through it.


And if they can’t break through their fear, then they won’t be able to create what they want to create.  (Remember, that’s why they are on the phone with you in the first place.)


  • Your service is exactly what they need to break through their fear.  
  • You are exactly what they need to break through their fear.
  • Your timing with the conversation is exactly what they need to break through their fear.  


It is perfect Divine timing.


For them to say “no, thank you” is like praying and praying for a solution and then when the solution appears for them to say “No, I think I’ll wait a little bit more.”


To do that is to laugh in the face of the Divine.  Yet we don’t think of it like that.  But that’s what it is.


We think we are being logical, responsible people. 


Three points about this:


  1. If you are guided to do something, then please trust that guidance.  Don’t logic your way out of it by trusting your fear.
  2. To break through any block we have, we must step into being something very different from who we’ve been being.  To have something different, you have to be something different.
  3. It is not up to you to be in control of how your help shows up.  It isn’t.  (I know you want to be, but if you’ll just trust God a little more, you’ll see that God’s ways are not your ways.  Pssst: they’re better.)

Bottom line?  Renee realized exactly what she was doing.  And in her recognition, she let go of her fear and herneed to control. She said “Yes!” – to herself, to me and to God.


And her life – and her business – will never be the same.

And for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself:


  1. Where do I need to suspend control?  
  2. Where do I need to recognize the powerful co-creator I am?  
  3. Where do I need to recognize my own ability to manifest exactly the help I am asking for?   
  4. Where do I need to recognize that I get exactly what I need, every single time?


Because when you do this, your own life – and your business – will be forever transformed.


Now go get your Divine ON!


6 thoughts on “But it’s not the right time!”

  1. Great post, Anne. Ive written about this topic, too, though you’ve addes some other elements that are insightful.
    I’d like to share it as a guest post on my blog.

  2. Logic = fear. Looking back on my own life experiences, I recognize how often this has been true. There is now a paper on the wall in front of my laptop with the following question on it… Logic or fear? A succinct reminder to let go and do! Great post … thank you.

  3. *chin drops* Wow, just… wow. This is one of the most powerful and deeply true posts I’ve ever read.

    Do I have your permission to quote and link this all over the place (giving you the credit, obviously)?

    Thank you for being a radiant light <3

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