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There’s something really powerful about the program I’ve been sharing ($25K in 25 Days) that triggers some people into “yeah right!” feelings. (They’ve been sharing with me all about it.) Some, however, feel excited and hopeful, like “Oh, yeah!” but for the others who are triggered, well, they have more pain around the issue of being able to create a large amount of money in a short period of time.

Which is exactly WHY I’m offering it. Because of the pain. Because of the cynicism. Because of the fear of being let down again. Because of the “yeah right!” beliefs. 

This is also why the program is only $25(It’s value, however, is priceless!)

You see, building a business that offers healing or coaching or a building a business that is intuitive in nature can be an incredibly frustrating experience at times!  Especially during those times when it seems like it’s taking an inordinate amount of time to get it so that  money is flowing in in an abundant, consistent way.

I hear from people all the time about how badly they want to make more money, and how they aren’t making anywhere near what they want to. I get it. I was there, too.

Building a business is a lot about structure, and your skills. It’s about what you’re offering. And it’s about your relationship to your market.

But… building a business is also about mindset and energy.

It’s about believing you can make money.  It’s about believing you deserve to make money.

The truth of the matter is:

Money shows up in your life

according to your beliefs about it. 

It comes from your attitude toward it.  It comes from your relationship with it.

I remember being frustrated with my own ability to create money when I wanted it, and I remember what that felt like.  And when I was in that situation, I did exactly what I’m offering to you in the $25K in 25 Days.  I tapped on my own beliefs about my ability to create the money I wanted and needed. 

The wonderful reality is that you can shift your mindset and your beliefs.  You can shift the fear of being disappointed and the cynicism (if you have that as well) into hopeful optimism and happy expectation.  Because that is the space from which everything you want is created!  

In the $25K in 25 Days, we are going to play with our beliefs about money (notice I didn’t say “work on our beliefs”) so that you can create more of it, more easily and more consistently!

Here’s how we’ll do that… 

We’ll meet for 5 days a week for 5 weeks (25 days), for about 25 minutes each day

And we’re going to use one of the most powerful energy techniques I know of to clear beliefs you may have about being able to make lots of money so that you go create  it!

And the best part of this is …

$25K in 25 Days is just $25!

Just $25 for 25 days of tapping on MONEY beliefs.

O.M.G.  Like seriously, omg!

Look, give me a chance to show you what’s possible.  More than that, give yourself a chance to see what’s possible. 

The program is so completely affordable and doable that it really is a “Oh heck, YEAH!” decision.  If you’re worried about not being available all of that time, don’t.  Replays are available, of course!

So, come on, Divine One, let’s play together... for 25 days, for $25.  Let’s clear away some of those beliefs that say you can’t make really great money in your business!  (And then watch the magic happen!)


$25K in 25 Days

By the way, here’s what one person said last year in the program.

After reading this, why would anyone not sign up, right?

I’ll see you there! 


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