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How to get clients using your intuition​

It was a hot day in July 2000 when my therapist said to me “Your intuition saved your daughter’s life.”   That was the day my world fell apart. When she said that I couldn’t even think about what she meant, because my first thought was how to protect my little

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It’s been 30 years!

Yesterday, I was looking back at my life in business.  And I realized it’s been 30 years.  Holy moly. 30 YEARS since I started being an entrepreneur! When I began my first business, it started from my love of photography.  My daughter was little and I was soooo inspired to

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It Shouldn’t Cost You Your First-Born…

Recently, I spoke with someone who had invested over $100,000 in training on how to build her business and still felt very confused about what she was doing.  I could relate.  I spent over double that myself!  Yeah, you read that right.  (I now jokingly call that “drinking the kool-aid.”) 

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2 Divine Case Studies: 1 Got Clients; 1 Got Money!

I want to introduce you to two of the people who will be sharing their stories on our call tomorrow. You’ll get to hear first-hand from them how they are growing their businesses, and where they are today vs where they were when they started.   You’ll get inspired to

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What Represents Your Queendom?

Several days ago, I woke up with a headache. (rare for me, thank goodness) Later in the day, as I was walking up the step in our house, I noticed my left leg had about 1/2 the strength it normally does. Uh-oh. Time to go to my chiropractor. I was

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Manifesting in Your Business

Happy April! April is my absolute favorite month. When we lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, the whole world exploded in the springtime. Oh, my word – the flowers, the trees – everything, it seemed, had life and beauty.   And on this day, 13 years ago, Francisco and I got married.

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Putting On My Big Girl Panties

How I LOVE being online in my business! The freedom to take it with me no matter where I go … The ability to reach my market anywhere in the world, instead of in my own back yard … The joy of connecting with yummy people all over the world!

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What’s the High Cost of Waiting?

Hi, Divine One –   When I signed on with my mentor seven years ago, she said something to me that made me stop.     You can very probably build your business on your own, but it will take you a lot longer to get there.   It really made me

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Do You Have Enough Clients? Want More?

Hey there, Divine One – Recently, I asked the participants in a class I was giving what their number one challenge was in building their business. Do you know what it was? Getting enough clients. This is, hands down, the biggest challenge for most healers, intuitives and coaches. You spend

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Ever Heard this? “Will You Just Go Get a Job!”

Hey there, Divine One!   I’m going to share a story of my own money journey with you today…   I married “St. Francisco,” a man who is kind to everyone, who never says anything mean (who cannot even think a mean thought), and whose only cuss word in the

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How to Create The Money You Want – Anytime

Hey there, Divine One!  One of the things I hear from people all the time is that they feel challenged with making enough money in their business.  They get some money, and then there’s a long lull before the next flush of money comes in.  Then the anxiety begins to

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Doing Business in the Time of Cecil the Lion

By now, pretty much everyone knows about Cecil the Lion.  He was the beautiful alpha lion who was lured from a sanctuary by an American dentist, Walter Palmer, and shot from a crossbow, left wounded for 40 hours and then tracked down and killed, skinned and beheaded.  Yes, Cecil was

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Women Shaking Hands

7 Ways to Create a Deeper Connection with Your Market

As you grow your business it’s important to know how to create a deeper connection with your market – or your Divine peeps, as I like to call them. The success and stability of your Divinely-guided coaching or healing business is based on your ability to deepen and enrichen the

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Are You Client UNAttractive?

Hello, Divine One! People talk a lot about client attraction.  (Heck, I talk a lot about client attraction!)  But seldom do people talk about client unattraction.  (Guess what we’re gonna talk about?) Recently, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people in my community about ways people are actually repelling

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Fearless Divine Pricing in Your Business

I’m going to share something so personal and so real about what I’ve been through in building my own business as far as fearless Divine pricing, that it scares me a bit to share it.  (I feel like I’m showing my panties by sharing this.) You see, my private clients

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Sign-Believe You Can

Looking for a sign? What if this is it?

Are you looking for a sign?  (Maybe this is it.)  Last week, Kristina Shands, one of the stars from the Divine Success Panel, sent me an email.  She asked if I might be willing to share it with you, because she thought that this might help you get clearer about

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How to Fill Your Client List

  I want to share a story with you, one that I hope will inspire you, about a client of mine who learned what you can learn: how to fill your client list.   Just one year ago, Nicole’s business looked like this:  she had clients, who came on a

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How much does your business really cost?

How much does your business really cost you? Let’s talk about it.  Let’s talk about what it takes to create something so incredible… Your beautiful business.  Your beloved business.  Your Divine business.  That baby that you’re loving day and night.  That baby that keeps you up at all hours, wondering

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Woman Thinking at Sunrise

10 Signs You Are Ready for Business Coaching

Many Spiritual Entrepreneurs wonder if they’re ready for business coaching. They hear about it, they see others being coached (and having success), and they can see that it would help them build their business. But… and this is a big one: they aren’t quite sure if they are ready just

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Woman writing business plan on tablet

5 Things You Must Know to Create a Divine Business Plan

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are the absolute best at following their intuition as they build their businesses.  They really are.  The challenge for many of them is that they aren’t quite sure how to create a plan for their business.  They aren’t sure if they even need one. It’s like “What the

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The Big Bang Theory of 2015

It’s February at the gym and only crickets are there… (my Big Bang Theory) Hey there, Divine One! It’s the middle of January, two weeks after New Year’s Day, and all around you can hear the sounds of resolution after resolution thudding to the ground. One friend said “I swore

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