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Reading: Time to Get Happy … And Grow Your List!

Hi, there, Divine One –   For the last two weeks, I’ve been caving it up… I pulled cards for the weekly reading, but then I just couldn’t write.  Nothing came.   You see, two weeks ago, I lost my beloved little kitty, Pixie.  She had been with me for

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Got Clients? Want More? Lots More?

Hey there, Divine One!   One of the things I hear from my market most of all is that they are challenged with getting clients.  Many get some clients, but not enough.  And they find themselves wondering HOW to get more clients … consistently.    The truth is, they don’t have a

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Do You Have Enough Clients? Want More?

Hey there, Divine One – Recently, I asked the participants in a class I was giving what their number one challenge was in building their business. Do you know what it was? Getting enough clients. This is, hands down, the biggest challenge for most healers, intuitives and coaches. You spend

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Are You Trying to Sell Someone DOG Food?

I’ve been hearing from a LOT of spiritual entrepreneurs lately about their businesses. Well, really about their income. And the one thing I’ve found among those who are challenged with making the money they want to make is because of this one thing: their list. I’m sure you’ve heard it

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Doing Business in the Time of Cecil the Lion

By now, pretty much everyone knows about Cecil the Lion.  He was the beautiful alpha lion who was lured from a sanctuary by an American dentist, Walter Palmer, and shot from a crossbow, left wounded for 40 hours and then tracked down and killed, skinned and beheaded.  Yes, Cecil was

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Divine Client Attraction -11-Ways

It happens today!

I’ve been sharing with you for the past couple of weeks about a complimentary training called   Your Divine Story Stand Apart from the Crowd. Connect with Confidence. Attract Your Divine Clients.   Well, today’s the day – at 4:00 pm Eastern!   GO HERE to register for the call:

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Your Business = Your Freedom

Happy Independence Day, USA! . It’s Independence Day in the United States. This holiday is our big summer celebration, where we have BBQs and picnics with family and friends and watch massive displays of fireworks. It’s our day of national celebration of the many freedoms we love and enjoy: Freedom

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Are You Client UNAttractive?

Hello, Divine One! People talk a lot about client attraction.  (Heck, I talk a lot about client attraction!)  But seldom do people talk about client unattraction.  (Guess what we’re gonna talk about?) Recently, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people in my community about ways people are actually repelling

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New Year – Free Gifts

Our Doors are OPEN! Come in and get your FR*EE GIFTS!   Hello, Divine One –   Over 350 Spiritual Entrepreneurs are sharing their giftswith you starting NOW!       These beautiful gifts will help you:   become more connected to the Divine, become more connected with the world

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Divine Activation Ceremony

Want to be a part of a Divine Activation Ceremony?  Earlier this week, I shared about how you can make your business sparkle, and what that means.  I realize that that concept is rather fluffy and ambiguous, but when you actually pull it apart, you can see what it means

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Make Your Business Sparkle in 2015!

What if you really could do that?  I mean really?  Make your business sparkle in 2015, that is. What would it take? And what does it mean to have a business that sparkles anyway?  I’m a girl, ok?  I picked the word “sparkle” because it really resonates with me.  What

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Client Attraction Magnet

We’re talking (and tapping) on Client Attraction today!

This week, it’s all about Divine Client Attraction in the Tap into Your Divine Business program!  In last week’s class, we talked about Your Divine Money. We tapped on the feelings that come up around money and several brave entrepreneurs got vulnerable in front of hundreds of others, and were coached

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How to be unabashedly unafraid to shine your light

You are the light of the world. Own it. As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, have you ever experienced this?  You shine your light, you share your gifts, and it triggers someone else. They feel a need to take you down.  They complain: You didn’t do this right.  You didn’t say that

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Tap Into Your Divine Business class

  When you are building a spiritual – or a Divine business, it is so important to understand the many parts and processes a business requires.  Last week, I asked my Divine peeps “What are your two biggest challenges when it comes to building your spiritual business?”  You see, I

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Share Your Story; It’s Very Client Attractive!

Do you want to be more client attractive?  Then one thing you’ll need to do is share your story. Many healers, coaches, authors, holistic practitioners, energy therapists, ministers, therapists have something in common: a dramatic and very personal story of how they came to be who they are. I like

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Ready to build your list?

Several years ago, I participated in my first ever Joint Venture Giveaway. And was stunned to grow my list over 400 people in about 10 days! You can build your list like this, too. I actually joined that JV giveaway late. It took me a while to figure out the

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Get unstuck using this energy technique

Recently, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people about how stuck they feel as they are creating their businesses. Processes aren’t really working so well. Clients aren’t signing up. Heck, even having the opportunity to have strategy sessions aren’t showing up for them to have the possibility of a

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How to protect yourself from energy vampires

Recently, I got an email from someone recently who asked:   Anne, after some healing sessions I find myself so tired. And I’ve noticed that after being around some people, I find myself unable to even think clearly! What is wrong? Is there some way I can be stronger with

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Build Your List the Quick, Easy Way

Five years ago, I started on this journey of building my business online. I was teaching a class at a local Unity church on how to tap. It was a four-week course that was given on a love-offering basis – where, at the end of the class, we passed around

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