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How to get clients using your intuition​

It was a hot day in July 2000 when my therapist said to me “Your intuition saved your daughter’s life.”   That was the day my world fell apart. When she said that I couldn’t even think about what she meant, because my first thought was how to protect my little

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It’s been 30 years!

Yesterday, I was looking back at my life in business.  And I realized it’s been 30 years.  Holy moly. 30 YEARS since I started being an entrepreneur! When I began my first business, it started from my love of photography.  My daughter was little and I was soooo inspired to

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2 Divine Case Studies: 1 Got Clients; 1 Got Money!

I want to introduce you to two of the people who will be sharing their stories on our call tomorrow. You’ll get to hear first-hand from them how they are growing their businesses, and where they are today vs where they were when they started.   You’ll get inspired to

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Your Creative Energy & An Invitation

This week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all about the Divine Diamond retreat. We had three spectacular days of connecting, laughter, rituals and hot seats where each Diamond got clear about next steps.   At the end of the retreat, I asked the Diamonds to share what they got. Each

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A Peek Inside The Diamond Retreat…

Yesterday was the first day of our Divine Diamond retreat. Three whole days of nothing but focusing on business and connecting with one another! Oh yeah, and tapping! Lots of tapping! (Sounds like heaven to me!)      I thought you might like a peek inside since the only ones

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7 Ways to Create a Deeper Connection with Your Market

As you grow your business it’s important to know how to create a deeper connection with your market – or your Divine peeps, as I like to call them. The success and stability of your Divinely-guided coaching or healing business is based on your ability to deepen and enrichen the

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Are You Client UNAttractive?

Hello, Divine One! People talk a lot about client attraction.  (Heck, I talk a lot about client attraction!)  But seldom do people talk about client unattraction.  (Guess what we’re gonna talk about?) Recently, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people in my community about ways people are actually repelling

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How much does your business really cost?

How much does your business really cost you? Let’s talk about it.  Let’s talk about what it takes to create something so incredible… Your beautiful business.  Your beloved business.  Your Divine business.  That baby that you’re loving day and night.  That baby that keeps you up at all hours, wondering

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10 Signs You Are Ready for Business Coaching

Many Spiritual Entrepreneurs wonder if they’re ready for business coaching. They hear about it, they see others being coached (and having success), and they can see that it would help them build their business. But… and this is a big one: they aren’t quite sure if they are ready just

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New Year – Free Gifts

Our Doors are OPEN! Come in and get your FR*EE GIFTS!   Hello, Divine One –   Over 350 Spiritual Entrepreneurs are sharing their giftswith you starting NOW!       These beautiful gifts will help you:   become more connected to the Divine, become more connected with the world

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Divine Activation Ceremony

Want to be a part of a Divine Activation Ceremony?  Earlier this week, I shared about how you can make your business sparkle, and what that means.  I realize that that concept is rather fluffy and ambiguous, but when you actually pull it apart, you can see what it means

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Make Your Business Sparkle in 2015!

What if you really could do that?  I mean really?  Make your business sparkle in 2015, that is. What would it take? And what does it mean to have a business that sparkles anyway?  I’m a girl, ok?  I picked the word “sparkle” because it really resonates with me.  What

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Do you practice authentic marketing?

Do you practice authentic marketing? Is it in integrity? Marketing is the most amazing thing in the world. It really is. It gives you an opportunity to let people see who you are, what you do and how and why you do it. It gives you an opportunity to share

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What not to do in business

Here’s a good example of What Not to Do in Business. I just googled The Good Wife (yummy) to find out when the next season begins. I went to one of the links to see what it said. It gave me the first paragraph, and then asked me to take

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Share Your Story; It’s Very Client Attractive!

Do you want to be more client attractive?  Then one thing you’ll need to do is share your story. Many healers, coaches, authors, holistic practitioners, energy therapists, ministers, therapists have something in common: a dramatic and very personal story of how they came to be who they are. I like

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A Blessing of Freedom for You

Today is the 4th of July in the USA. Independence Day. It is a day where we celebrate our freedom. Our freedom to speak against a government that we disagree with. Our freedom to worship the way we believe. Our freedom to build a life (and business) the way we

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Ready to build your list?

Several years ago, I participated in my first ever Joint Venture Giveaway. And was stunned to grow my list over 400 people in about 10 days! You can build your list like this, too. I actually joined that JV giveaway late. It took me a while to figure out the

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Create Divine Opt-In Offers Too Good to Refuse

We are smack-dab in the middle of getting ready for the Ultimate Joint Venture Giveaway for Spiritual Entrepreneurs!  And the question we keep getting over and over again is this:   How can I create a really great opt-in offer that people will want to opt into?   Here’s some

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Make Your Business Support You

How can you make your business support you (instead of the other way around)? Does it work for you right now? Or against you? Last week, when my good friend, Mande White was on the Divinely Intuitive™ Business radio show, we got into a discussion about the different ways we

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