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Ever Want to Just Quit Your Biz?

ty I can hear you now … “Well, DUH, Anne, of course I do!  At least sometimes.”   Yeah, I get it.  There are those moments, aren’t there?   And yet, something  keeps you going.  Something keeps you trying.  Something keeps you taking action; it keeps you holding onto the

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Got Choices? Get Answers!

  “I don’t know what to do!”  I overheard this statement as I walked back into the auditorium at the event I was attending.  Two women were behind me discussing a coaching program that was being offered at the event.  I could still hear them talking.  “What are you going

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My Ideal Partner Characteristics

How To Create Your Divine Love In 3 Easy-Peasy Steps

If you’ve been wanting to create your Divine Love (or your Divine Clients), here’s how you can manifest them.  Let me share the story of how I created my Divine Love, Francisco, in my life. On January 15, 2003, I was in the middle of a huge argument with my

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Listening to Your Body 101

  Earlier this week, I was dragging around with very little energy.  This is pretty unusual for me because I am accustomed to getting up early and starting work immediately – and being able to work straight through the day (with a yummy break for swimming).    However, as you know,

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5 Things for Abundance

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Bring in More Abundance! Many spiritual entrepreneurs are looking for ways to generate more income, particularly right now. The holidays are coming and most of us love giving generously not only to our loved ones, but also to special charities dear to

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12 Life Lessons I Learned from Swimming

I’ve been swimming most of my life, and have loved it from the very beginning. I remember my first swimming lesson at around age 5, where we had to put our faces in the water and then turn our heads to the right to learn to breathe. The teacher pointed

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Faith, Hope & Trust: Co-Creation’s BFFs

“First: seek joy, and all else follows. Since your feeling of joy is your indication of your connection with your Source, once you have achieved joy, you have achieved connection with your Source. And under these circumstances, all that is good follows.” – Abraham-Hicks On June 14, I was contacted

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Check Those Thoughts at the Door!

A new friend on Twitter asked me this week “How do you stay so positive and upbeat?” I told her that I’m not always like that, but that EFT has made a huge difference in my life in being able to be that way a lot of the time. My

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Get Your Divine On

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

  Many times we think we are at the effect of our lives.  However, we have a very powerful ability to create the life we want.  It is this simple (not necessarily easy).  Change your story.  It will change your life. The story is something we tell ourselves all the

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Just How DO We Create Anyway?

That’s a rather odd thing to say, don’t you think? Well, actually you probably don’t, because you are likely familiar with the Law of Attraction and the power of your thoughts. Still, in our society, many people don’t really believe they think things into being. Rather, they believe they do

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