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A Rare 50% Off For You in Celebration of Well … Life!

Happy Easter!   Get 50% Off  EVERYTHING in the Divine Store!   Hey there, Divine One! Happy Easter! What dreams and visions are you resurrecting in your business? I hope you had a beautiful, restful and oh, so blessed, Easter! I had just returned from an intense week of helping

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Your Divine Black Friday! 50% Off Everything!

Hey there, Divine One!   Happy Black Friday!    I hope you had a beautiful and oh, so blessed, Thanksgiving!  Francisco and I enjoyed each other and celebrated our two new family members – brother and sister kittens adopted a couple of months ago. (We now have 4 kitties again!)

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Woman Thinking at Sunrise

10 Signs You Are Ready for Business Coaching

Many Spiritual Entrepreneurs wonder if they’re ready for business coaching. They hear about it, they see others being coached (and having success), and they can see that it would help them build their business. But… and this is a big one: they aren’t quite sure if they are ready just

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Go Get Your Divine ON!

Divine Client Care – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Hello, Divine Ones! Today, I had an interesting experience with two different companies … as their client.  The experiences were so completely opposite one another, I thought I’d share them here, as an example of true Divine client care. Company A is the company from whom I recently bought a

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Sacred Sexy Sales… Seriously!

This week, I had someone write to me that they thought that “Sacred” and “Sexy” just couldn’t – just SHOULDN’T – be in the same sentence, let alone the NAME of a program about sales.  Now you know I just had to address that.  You see, if she had that

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