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Plugging Your Leaks

Last week kinda sucked for me. We discovered we had a very high tax bill and I spent the week trying to find all the little allowable deductions to bring that baby down!  (My tax bill was more than I made in 2010, if you can believe that!)    

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I Love Mondays, Don’t You?

Hi, Divine One –   As a teenager in the 70s, one of my favorite singing groups was the Carpenters. Well, to be fair, they were the only secular group we were allowed to listen to in the Seventh-Day Adventist boarding school I attended for 4 years.   Rainy Days

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Got Clients? Want More? Lots More?

Hey there, Divine One!   One of the things I hear from my market most of all is that they are challenged with getting clients.  Many get some clients, but not enough.  And they find themselves wondering HOW to get more clients … consistently.    The truth is, they don’t have a

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Do You Have Enough Clients? Want More?

Hey there, Divine One – Recently, I asked the participants in a class I was giving what their number one challenge was in building their business. Do you know what it was? Getting enough clients. This is, hands down, the biggest challenge for most healers, intuitives and coaches. You spend

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Woman Thinking at Sunrise

10 Signs You Are Ready for Business Coaching

Many Spiritual Entrepreneurs wonder if they’re ready for business coaching. They hear about it, they see others being coached (and having success), and they can see that it would help them build their business. But… and this is a big one: they aren’t quite sure if they are ready just

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Woman writing business plan on tablet

5 Things You Must Know to Create a Divine Business Plan

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are the absolute best at following their intuition as they build their businesses.  They really are.  The challenge for many of them is that they aren’t quite sure how to create a plan for their business.  They aren’t sure if they even need one. It’s like “What the

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5 ways systems support your business (and your sanity!)

Entrepreneurs often get into business because they want freedom and money and because building a business can provide them the life they want. Spiritual entrepreneurs do this, as well, but they add an extra special piece to it:  they feel called to bring their sacred gifts (their healing, their teaching,

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Build Your List the Quick, Easy Way

Five years ago, I started on this journey of building my business online. I was teaching a class at a local Unity church on how to tap. It was a four-week course that was given on a love-offering basis – where, at the end of the class, we passed around

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Where should I be marketing?

Dear Anne – There are so many places I could be marketing, and I see all of these incredible opportunities to market my business.  So I’ll buy one program and start to put it into place, and then I’ll buy another program and start to put it into place, and

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