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Use this fun tool for manifesting

At the Divine Diamond retreat this year, we did something really fun. We created altars for our businesses. Now I’ve known about altars for years now and I’ve had altars, but they were rather general. I had never done a specific business altar but had thought about it. More recently, I’d been

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My stepmother died this week

My stepmother died this week. Tuesday, to be exact. I wish I could say I’ll miss her, but I won’t. I wish I could say I loved her, but I didn’t. I wish I could say she made our family better, but well, she didn’t. My stepmother had Borderline Personality

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Plugging Your Leaks

Last week kinda sucked for me. We discovered we had a very high tax bill and I spent the week trying to find all the little allowable deductions to bring that baby down!  (My tax bill was more than I made in 2010, if you can believe that!)    

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Reading: Wondering What to Do?

Hi, there, Divine One – Years ago, when I started my business, I wondered Can I really do this?  Will people really pay me to help them?  Will I ever be able to learn all the pieces of building a business … and do it successfully?  Will I be able

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You said what?

Dear Anne: I feel so frustrated about building my business.  Just yesterday I was telling my friend I want to quit.  I just don’t feel I have what it takes to build a business, and frankly, I want to quit more often than I want to keep going.  But something

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How Can I Grow My Business?

One of my favorite topics these days is “how can I grow my business?” (Just ask my family, they hear me talk about it incessantly.)  I don’t mean to be a one-note Jill, but for some reason, it is just about all I think about. I am fascinated by the

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Do You Do Small Things With Great Love?

Recently I found myself in the hospital with acute appendicitis.  After my appendix was removed, I had a several-day hospital stay recovering from the surgery. In the book “A Stroke of Insight,” Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, the author and a brain scientist experienced a stroke and recovery. Jill talks about

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