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A Divinely Intuitive Awakening

A Divinely Intuitive Awakening reading

I did my first ever(!) reading from my book, A Divinely Intuitive Awakening. If you’ve been curious about what it’s about, well, here’s a sampling. . (By the way, I did adjust the horizontal/vertical issue right away, so no worries about that weirdness continuing in the video.) . [video_lightbox type=”embed”

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Divine New Moon Magic Tapping

Divine Biz Code: Want a reading on your Divine Biz?

Confession time: once upon a time, I set an intention to write to you weekly: in an ezine, communicating ideas and celebrations and other cool stuff. It was called The Divine Biz Code.   But that intention dropped off as I got busy with so many other things. And then I

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I’m so excited, I’m about to pop!

Last fall, I shared about rescuing a horse from a kill pen in Pennsylvania (you can read about that on my website here: “This is for Black Beauty” if you missed it.)  His name is Sir Galahad (now) and he is doing well, happily being boarded in Pennsylvania, and patiently waiting for

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How to Create $25K in 25 Days! FB Live

When you are ready to create something in your life, usually there’s a “yeah, but” – like Yeah, but I’ve never done that before, so how do I know I can do it now? Or yeah, but that seems like it would be too much work.   Or yeah but,

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[FB Live] Your Divine Journey

Today is the third (and last!) in the Awaken Your Divine Biz series! I hope you enjoyed the first twone.  (You can access those videos here, if you missed them:   Part 1:  The Divine Challenge   Part 2:  Your Divine Calling    At 1 pm Eastern today, you are invited

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[FB Live] Your Divine Calling

Today is the second in the Awaken Your Divine Biz series! I hope you enjoyed the first one.  (You can access that video here, if you missed it:   The Divine Challenge   Here’s the rundown of the four parts that you can listen in to this week:   Monday,

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Awaken Your Divine Biz-Today! FB Live

As you know, I’ve been playing a bit with Facebook Lives. I’ve done several of them tapping with the focus on client attraction. And they’ve been fun!   But I want to do something different.   Announcing… A 4-part Facebook Live Series:   Awaken Your Divine Biz   Part 1:  

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Get Clients NOW

Yesterday, I talked about visibility and videos. And today, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and doing a Facebook Live video again. Yup. Screwing up my courage and just doing it. Because that’s how you build a business. You just do stuff, even when you don’t know how

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Visibility & Videos

Visibility. That’s a word that can shake an intuitive up. Videos. Yeah. That’s another one. Put them together and you’ve got “AAGGGHHH!!!” Visibility is all about being seen and heard. The fear most intuitives have about visibility is being judged and found wanting. How many of us remember all of

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Clients at Your Fingertips

I’d still be struggling if I hadn’t learned this technique that you can learn today: . Friday, May 12, at 12 Noon Eastern Clients at Your Fingertips Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients with this One Simple Technique! There was a time… Seven years ago, when we filed our taxes,

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Doing Business in Your PJs

A few weeks ago, my mail carrier knocked on my door.  I was in my nightgown working, my hair was pulled up into a clamp and I hadn’t even showered yet that day.   It was in the middle of the afternoon. Darn.   I grabbed my robe and answered

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Last Chance!

  Last Chance to get your Mini-Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading! ty Hello Divine One!  We have been getting some incredible letters over on the Divine Thank You page!  Have you seen them yet?  You’ll want to grab a tissue when you do, because these letters are so heart-felt.  It is clear that the people

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Do you know the difference you have made?

Years ago, I learned the power of acknowledging someone who had done something for me.  Before that point, I was stingy.  Seriously. Stingy. I figured the person (in this instance, my former husband, my daughter’s father) knew I appreciated him. I figured he knew that I was grateful to him

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Sacred Sexy Sales… Seriously!

This week, I had someone write to me that they thought that “Sacred” and “Sexy” just couldn’t – just SHOULDN’T – be in the same sentence, let alone the NAME of a program about sales.  Now you know I just had to address that.  You see, if she had that

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