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My intuition said yes and my life completely changed!

My life changed two weeks ago. I mean completely changed.   My brother came for a visit and brought our dad with him. Now keep in mind I haven’t seen my father in 15 years! Remember how I shared aboutt my step-mother who died last year? Well, she was the gate-keeper and

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Divine New Moon Magic Tapping

Divine Biz Code: Want a reading on your Divine Biz?

Confession time: once upon a time, I set an intention to write to you weekly: in an ezine, communicating ideas and celebrations and other cool stuff. It was called The Divine Biz Code.   But that intention dropped off as I got busy with so many other things. And then I

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When yes turns into omg, what did I just do?!

The Divine Leap Last week, I shared about rescuing a horse from a kill pen in Pennsylvania (you can read about that on my website here: “This is for Black Beauty” if you missed it.)  I completely forgot to post a photo of him in the email and many of you asked,

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What my little Healer Kitty Pixie taught me

I have a kitty who is a healer kitty.  But I didn’t know that at first.  Heck, it was years before I realized it. Years ago, on August 5, 2000, around 9 pm, to be exact, I was driving home and I saw a little grey kitten by the side

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The Case for Radical Self-Care

Sometimes I struggle with getting overwhelmed managing everything in my business and my life.  A great example is what’s happening right now:  I’ve just launched my new radio show AND am in the middle of launching the joint venture giveaway (and class)!  Then when you add on to those two

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What Duck Teaches Us

Today has been interesting… The Story This morning, while swimming, I noticed a newly-hatched gosling swimming in the pool.  The parents, two beautiful Egyptian Geese, stood by and flew up to their nest (in the planting areas of a fountain in the middle of the pool) to check it a

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How My Intuition Saved My Business

  Today, we’re taking a break from the usual question/answer format in The Divine Business Code to talk about something really important:  How my intuition has saved my business … and how yours can, too. What I’m about to share may surprise you, but I think it’s time to say some

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A Christmas Blessing for You

  Today is Christmas, a day we celebrate the Divine birth of sacred energy within. Today, millions of people all over the world will celebrate Christmas by giving and receiving gifts, eating great food and laughing and sharing loving memories with family and friends.   I LOVE Christmas!   As

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Is It My Intuition or My Subconscious?

If you feel challenged with trusting your intuition, tap along with this audio.  (For the Tapping Points, click here.)   On a call recently, an intuitive entrepreneur asked me this question.  It was so good, I thought I’d share it with you all.    Question: Sometimes I feel guided to

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What is Your Aura Telling You?

    Your aura, or the energy body that surrounds your body, is a sensitive detection system, which detects the subtle energies around you.   Your aura surrounds your body like an invisible field, it actually goes before you, picking up information and transmitting that information to you through your

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The Rat in my Garage – A Metaphysical Lesson

You probably know that I had a rat in my garage a couple of weeks ago.  Not only did this rat teach me a very valuable marketing lesson, it also taught me a valuable metaphysical lesson.   These days, I know that when I see an unusual animal or something

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How Protected Are You?

  When I leave home, or if I’m feeling a little vulnerable in my home, I turn to one of my favorite exercises that I learned from Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  She said to ask the angels to surround you, or to surround your home. What happens for me is that

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What’s Your Impatience Factor?

  One of the challenges that many people face when developing their intuition is what I call the Impatience Factor.  Our minds want to understand right here, right now, what the intuitive hit means.   However, oftentimes we are given only pieces of information.  (Think of it as putting together

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Daily Intuitive Journaling

  When my clients and students are learning to develop and trust their intuition, one of the main exercises they do is get a journal, where they can write down the intuitive hits that they receive on a daily basis.   What happens is that they quickly realize that they

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