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Divine Marketing Tip – How Your Client Buys

Let’s talk about marketing… and in particular, how your client buys.   Your client buys because they have a need to fix or resolve something, to feel better about something, or to learn how to do something.  But it all comes down to one thing:  People buy because they believe that

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Why am I getting stopped?

Dear Anne: Everytime I think I’m ready to really step up in my business and I take action to do something bigger, something always seems to happen to stop me.  Whether it’s family or financial, I just don’t seem to be able to move ahead in my business in a

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What the Rat in my Garage Taught Me about Marketing!

ty As you reach out to your target market to share with them about your services, you’ll want to connect to their “pain.”  Their pain is the area in which they are struggling, and the area that you have the solution to their problem.   Here is a really great

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How Do YOU Rise Again After Crash & Burn?

Yesterday, I had a splendid crash and burn. Publicly. You see, my social media coach and dear friend, Mande White, and I had decided we were going to create a Blog Talk Radio (BTR) show called “The Business Bitch.” (We do it, so that we aren’t.) Catchy, right? Our intent

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