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Are You Trying to Sell Someone DOG Food?

I’ve been hearing from a LOT of spiritual entrepreneurs lately about their businesses. Well, really about their income. And the one thing I’ve found among those who are challenged with making the money they want to make is because of this one thing: their list. I’m sure you’ve heard it

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What happens if you don’t build your list?

So what happens if you don’t? Build your list, that is… The one thing I’ve noticed about people who have successful, abundant, healthy businesses is this:  They have a list. They have a list of people who have raised their hands and said “Yes, I’m interested in what you have

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Divine Client Attraction -11-Ways

It happens today!

I’ve been sharing with you for the past couple of weeks about a complimentary training called   Your Divine Story Stand Apart from the Crowd. Connect with Confidence. Attract Your Divine Clients.   Well, today’s the day – at 4:00 pm Eastern!   GO HERE to register for the call:

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Ever watched your life blow up? 15 years ago…

This month, it’s been 15 years. 15 years since that day in the therapist’s office when my daughter shared what had been happening in our home. In that moment, my life blew up. Things I thought were in place weren’t. Dreams I had were tossed aside. And my daughter and

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Your Divine Story – Are you sharing it?

Let me tell you a story… Doesn’t reading that line just make you want to read more? And when someone says that to you, don’t you just want to listen in? I know I do. As a business coach for Divinely-guided entrepreneurs, I hear a lot of stories. I hear

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Here’s why she now has to go get a job…

This past week, I saw a post on Facebook from someone I had spoken with a year ago about her business. Last year, she had recently left her job and was wanting to make her business work. But she didn’t want to take a chance and invest in her business.

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The #1 Reason Your Healing Business Fails

The #1 Reason Healers, Intuitives & Coaches DON’T Make It in Their Businesses… Monday is the beginning of a 3-day retreat with my Divine Diamonds, private clients who are flying in to Ft. Lauderdale from different places in the US (and even Germany!) to attend. We are meeting here in

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Create an Amazing Love and Business

How to create an amazing love … and business!  (you can, too) Hello, Divine One! Last week, on January 15, I celebrated the co-creation of my beautiful husband and partner in my life.  We also celebrated his birthday. I say I created my husband on that day, because, well, I

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New Year – Free Gifts

Our Doors are OPEN! Come in and get your FR*EE GIFTS!   Hello, Divine One –   Over 350 Spiritual Entrepreneurs are sharing their giftswith you starting NOW!       These beautiful gifts will help you:   become more connected to the Divine, become more connected with the world

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Question mark

What not to do in business

Here’s a good example of What Not to Do in Business. I just googled The Good Wife (yummy) to find out when the next season begins. I went to one of the links to see what it said. It gave me the first paragraph, and then asked me to take

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Create Divine Opt-In Offers Too Good to Refuse

We are smack-dab in the middle of getting ready for the Ultimate Joint Venture Giveaway for Spiritual Entrepreneurs!  And the question we keep getting over and over again is this:   How can I create a really great opt-in offer that people will want to opt into?   Here’s some

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Today is my birthday

Hello Divine Ones – Today is my birthday.  YAY!  Happy Birthday, Anne!   Because I’ve recently made a decision to do more sharing on my blog about what’s going on in my business and in my life, I thought I’d share a little inside view of what I’m doing today.

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Why am I getting stopped?

Dear Anne: Everytime I think I’m ready to really step up in my business and I take action to do something bigger, something always seems to happen to stop me.  Whether it’s family or financial, I just don’t seem to be able to move ahead in my business in a

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Have You Decided Yet?

Dear Anne: I’ve been stepping up in my business a lot recently.  I’ve joined programs to help me understand more about what I can do to build my business, and I’ve been taking actions that the people leading the programs are telling me to take. And I’m still struggling. Why

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How Do I Keep the Money Flowing In?

  Dear Anne: I really want to learn how to attract more clients.  And better clients!  My income goes up and down depending on what’s happening in my business and how much marketing I’m doing. Sometimes, I feel very overwhelmed, because I know I’m not doing enough marketing.  How do

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Ever wonder “Am I good enough to do my work?”

A spiritual entrepreneur recently had her Divine Business Angel Reading, and in it, an issue surfaced that she was struggling with.  What is so great about this issue is that I’ve heard others share with me that they, too, have struggled with it.  So I thought I’d pass it on

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But it’s not the right time!

“Oh, I am so excited to talk with you!” Renee told me. “I have a great business and I need some help growing it. I’ve been following you for some time and I feel really connected to how you’ve grown your business.”   As our conversation deepened, it was clear

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