Create Your Divine Abundance Kit 


Hey There, Divine One!

If you’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur who is getting your Divine gifts out into the world…

  • You know you’ve been given a vision or a dream,
  • You know you are here to help people,
  • You know you have a calling in your heart to make a difference using your healing gifts, your coaching abilities, your knowledge and wisdom, your intuitive abilities,

and yet...

  • You find yourself wondering why it seems so hard to get the clients you know are looking for you,
  • You wonder how you are going to create that abundant business you know is waiting for you,
  • You wonder why people don’t understand the powerful work you do … or
  • You have spent years developing your gifts and skills, and yet a successful, abundant business still seems out of reach to you.

Well then… take comfort in this: You are not alone. Many Spiritual Entrepreneurs feel this way.

These entrepreneurs have spent years developing their healing skills, their intuitive abilities, their knowledge and wisdom, and yet, find themselves wondering how to make enough money to live.

They know they have been called to do their work. They know they are guided to share their gifts. They knowthey are good at what they do.

And yet...

  • People don’t sign up for the workshops.
  • Clients are a hit or miss experience (instead of a consistent experience).
  • Income is more of a rollercoaster experience instead of a steady, consistent reality.

There is help. Truly there is.

In my Create Your Divine Abundance Kit, you will get the training, as well as the energetic and mindset support to help you manifest the abundance and freedom you deserve.



Here’s what you get in Create Your Divine Abundance Kit:

Let’s break this down, shall we?


 How to Manifest Abundance

In this transformational recording, Rev. Anne guide you to change your negative feelings about your finances (whatever they may be).

Whenever you think negative or fearful thoughts, you align yourself with the energy of those thoughts. You then create (or draw to you) situations that reinforce those beliefs. You likely already know that if you change the way you think, you will change the way you experience your life.

The challenge, however, is in changing the way you think, so that you can consistently think positive thoughts.  You will learn how to do this gently, consistently and easily.

You’ll change your thinking from “I don’t have enough” or “I can’t create the money I need (or want)” or “I can’t control the economy” into “Yes, I can create what I want!” simply by consistently listening to these affirmations.


From “I Can’t” to “Yes, I Can!”

It will teach you what your....





Fall In Love ( And Stay In Love) With Your Money
(10 Easy Ways)
Divine Business Club Training

This training ebook teaches you how ....





10 Reasons Why Your Spirituality is Keeping You Broke in Your Business
(and what you can do about it)

These statements of Divine Truth will remind you of the abundance ....




These tools will help you get clear about your Divine peeps, understand who they arewhere they are, and how to not only get in front of them, but also to connect with them. It will transform you into being the type of Spiritual Entrepreneur who seems to just magically draw her clients in.

The Divine Client Attraction Kit #1 will help you build your energetic connection with them ... which will result in manifesting the clients you want to help and who want your help!


Give me my Create Your Divine Abundance Kit!