Create Your Divine Brand

Get Your Spiritual Gifts Out to the World in a Big Way!


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    Create Your Divine Brand program

    Create Your Divine Brand 

    a 5-Week Branding Workshop  including Transcripts,
    Workbook & MP3 Recordings

    In creating your own Divine brand, you will have the opportunity to have your knowledge, your experience, your awareness, and your gifts all organized in a powerful, concise way, so that you can do what you came to do: to get them out to the world in a powerful way.  This program, Create Your Divine Brand, will explain exactly what a brand is, why it is so important, and how you can create your own perfect, juicy brand.  I think you will enjoy it immensely, and learn lots as you work your way through the program.  Plus, it will help you build your business in the way you want!   So, here’s what is included in this program. 

    Class Transcripts & Exercises

    • Week 1 –  Meet Your Divine Name & Meet Your Divine Client
    • Week 2 – Meet Your Divine Message & Tagline
    • Week 3 – Meet Your Divine Logo
    • Week 4 – Meet Your Divine Brand’s Personality
    • Week 5 – Know Your Divine Brand’s Reach


    Additional Handouts

    • Your Divine Intention
    • Juicy Brands & Taglines Sample List 
    • The EFT Tapping Points



    • Juicy Tips on Divine Branding 
    • Living Up to Your Brand Tapping Routine
    • Fear of Committing to a Brand Tapping Routine
    • Your Divine Brand Affirmations


    Complete Class 

    To download the transcripts and handouts, right-click on the title of the program below on your mouse, and hit “Save As” pdf. Your computer will download the entire written file: 



    Class Mp3s

    Bonus Mp3s 


    To download the audio files, please right-click on the titles with your mouse and hit “Save As” mp3.  Your computer will download the file.  If you have any questions about this Create Your Divine Brand  product, please contact me at RevAnne@DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness.com.  Either a member of my Divine team (or I) will get back to you within 24 hours.  We hope you enjoy your purchase and look forward to helping you bring your sacred gifts to the world in a big way!   Please let us know what your juicy brand is when you create it!  


    Divine hugs,


    Rev. Anne Presuel
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