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Your Creative Energy & An Invitation

This week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all about the Divine Diamond retreat. We had three spectacular days of connecting, laughter, rituals and hot seats where each Diamond got clear about next steps.
At the end of the retreat, I asked the Diamonds to share what they got. Each one said, among other things, clarity.
Clarity about what they are doing, what steps to take next to create their visions and where and HOW to do them.
They each left with a map of their marketing steps for the next 3-6 months and felt that those steps would now be much easier (think doable!) for them to take. 

I knew I’d need some downtime, so I planned to take Thursday and Friday off from calls… with one exception: my first-time Facebook Live to teach some tapping.
Bad idea (the FB live thingy, not taking time off from calls).
Because when I sat down on Thursday to write an email to you about it, my brain felt like mush. My energy was low and I couldn’t even begin to force myself to talk about it. So instead, I decided to take care of myself and not worry about the Facebook Live thingy.
This is the same reason that I don’t write creative emails when I know I have a number of Diamond calls (private clients) in a day (unless I do it first). I know I’ll be using my creative energy focusing on their businesses and marketing instead of mine.
It took me a while as I built my business to realize that downtime is essential to replenish my energy and to help me be able to access my creativity. I used to think I should be able to write engaging, inspiring emails with the snap of my fingers.
It finally occurred to me that when I give energy and creativity out, I need to give myself time for R&R (rest & relaxation) in order to be able to give again. 
Well, duh. Of course that makes sense. 
Which brings me to the invitation portion of this email:
I would LOVE to invite you to come play with me. (Remember my accountability email from a few days ago? This is me modeling that: setting a date and telling you I’m going to do it. So, while my head is screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” my spirit is saying much more quietly “Keep going, this is what you’re meant to do next.”)
Come join me on a call next Friday where you will learn ALL about tapping, why it works and how it made a HUGE difference in my life. You’ll understand how it can do that for you, too.
(And here’s the head-screaming part for me – lol…)  We’re going to then get onto a Facebook Live.
I’ll show you the tapping points and we’ll tap on a few beliefs about getting clients.
Beliefs like
  • “I can’t get the clients I really want!”
  • “I can’t get enough of the clients I really want!”
  • “I want clients, but they don’t seem to find me” and so on.
It will be fun tapping on those beliefs. Because, baby, if you aren’t getting enough clients, you aren’t going to be able to stay in business – and to be able to make the difference you are here to make.
So let’s make it easier for you to get clients, ok? 
And I would REALLY love to have friendly faces there for my first time.  🙂
Here’s where you can register for the call:

Clients at Your Fingertips
Get an Abundance of Ideal Clients
with this One Simple Technique!


Divine Question:
How do you generate more creative energy?
Is there something you want to do
but you’re not doing it in your business?
(maybe your head is screaming, too)  😉
Until next time, lovey…




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