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Crossing Intuition with Computers

So often we forget we have all the answers inside us.  We ask other people for their opinion, we read books from well-known authors, and we do research online.


This got me to thinking… what if you combined the amazing ability to get answers online with your intuition so that you could get intuitive answers immediately – just like you do online?


Here’s an exercise for you to do the next time you are looking for an answer to a question you have:


Close your eyes.  Pretend you are looking at your computer screen.  Imagine typing in the question into the search box on your screen.  Hit enter, and wait.  See what answer you get.


Building trust in your intuitive abilities is just like any other skill.  You will discover that some exercises are just perfect for you and others are not.  Try different ones as you develop your skills, and stick with the ones that work with your abilities.


(By the way, this particular exercise is especially good for the clairvoyants among us.)


Hugs, Anne




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