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Daily Intuitive Journaling

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When my clients and students are learning to develop and trust their intuition, one of the main exercises they do is get a journal, where they can write down the intuitive hits that they receive on a daily basis.


What happens is that they quickly realize that they are receiving many intuitive hits and they begin to trust what they receive.


Even if you don’t understand something in the moment, but it seems to be an intuitive hit, write it down anyway.  Sometimes you will get a piece of the puzzle which you don’t fully understand until later.  This way you have it written down, and when you go back to read your intuitive hits, you really get some “Ah-Ha!” moments.


So, go get a journal – make it a beautiful one – and start writing down your intuitive hits.  See what unfolds for you.  I believe you will discover that you develop your intuition far more quickly than you could possibly imagine – and you will really begin to trust the information you receive!



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  1. I keep a journal of sorts. I’m a writer and it’s filled with the great one liners, short snippets that seem to just flow into my mind. I’ve found I am most likely triggered while driving. People might also note if some situation or thing triggers their intuitive moments.

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