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dbc_header_1280x350 My client base has tripled since working with Anne in the DBC!

DonnaWardI am so pleased and excited because I am doing what I just couldn’t do for the past 3 years. I didn’t feel confident in being able to fully deliver what I KNEW I could.  This lack of confidence stopped me from moving forward, and was causing me not to put myself out in the public eye and be visible as the expert I know I am. 

Then I tapped with Anne on this, and that fear went away! I was able to immediately start taking action the very next day. I have weekly calls and am building my list each week, too, which is a huge thing for an internet marketing visibility campaign!

It has been huge in building my confidence and in helping so many others build their online businesses.  

To top it all off, my client base has tripled since working with Anne! 

Donna Ward

divider2I always come away with a renewed outlook and
a tool for my marketing or mindset toolbox!

 KimLoftisBefore I became part of the Divine Business Club (DBC), I was craving more support and community in my professional life.  As an entrepreneur, especially one doing spiritual work, I found myself sometimes feeling rather lonely, without an outlet for sharing insights and bouncing ideas, etc.  I wanted a community, a safe place filled with trust and empowerment, as well as savvy marketing strategies and kindred spirits.

Because of the melding of spirituality, business-building tips and EFT, I thought the DBC would possibly be a good fit for me.  I’m so glad I followed my intuition and signed up!

Anne’s warmth, authenticity and humor, as well as her powerful business tips, tools and strategies, make the DBC calls delightful to both attend and review.  With the powerful marketing, mindset and coaching offered as part of each call, I always come away with a renewed outlook and a tool for my marketing or mindset toolbox, and / or greater self-understanding.

Anne truly cares about her members, as is evidenced by the one-on-one time she offers on each call, and the tips and goodies she shares in our awesome Facebook group

Our Facebook community offers us a place for interaction, asking questions, gaining insight and even some self-promotionThe synergy and sharing with this fabulous group of people is worth the price of admission by itself!

Then there are the EFT calls, which I love.  I have been a fan of EFT for years, and these calls always provide opportunity for powerful transformation.  It’s so nice to be reminded that I’m not the only one dealing with an issue or struggling with some self-doubt, etc., and these calls are a wonderful way to heal and grow individually and as a group.  I keep them all for my library! 

I must also mention the beautiful angel cards I received upon joining.  They’re terrific to use for fast insight during the day, and are both gentle and empowering with their messages.  The perfect angelic nudge to keep me inspired and on track. 

I joined the DBC seeking community, and I got that and so much more.  I feel more empowered, more grounded and far more supported as part of this group. 

Being a DBC member has allowed me to expand my business horizons in ways I never expected, and to gain a sense of both peace and power that is refreshing.  I always have a place to go when I’m feeling stuck, seeking some insight, or when I’m excited to share a victory.  I’m now open to the many possibilities available to me in my business, and feel liberated as a result.  

Thank you to Anne for this inspiring community, and to my DBC friends who make it such a fabulous place to be!
If you feel inspired to j
oin us, I think you’ll be exceptionally glad you did!

Kim Loftis, the Spiritual Serenity Coach


I would put Anne at the top of the list of people I would hire again and again.

DonnaDawleyI have gained much confidence from being a part of the Divine Business Club this past year.  Anne is extremely intuitive and caring.  

I have worked with some of the biggest names in business and personal coaching, and I would put Anne at the top of the list of people I would hire again and again.  

I have paid tens of thousands of dollars for a program and not gotten anywhere near the value from it that I have received from the calls and community I am blessed with in the Divine Business Club 

This is the real deal, especially when you choose to play full out! 

In Joy,

Donna Dawley, DD, DMph, CPSC, CACR
eWomen Premier Success Coach, Speaker
Author of The Joy Charged Life


Through my time in the club, I’ve learned to listen to my intuition!

My membership in the Divine Business Club was hugely helpful to me in focusing and clarifying my thoughts on what direction I wanted my business to go. 

Rev. Anne is great at teaching and modeling business strategies, and perhaps even more important, working with intuition and connecting to the Divine.  Through my time in the club, I’ve learned to listen to those insistent voices in my head!  

I most appreciate Anne’s personal touch.  She’s not a distant figurehead in the program by any mean.  

And I have to say, her Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading was the most helpful coaching call I’ve received.

Thanks, Anne!

Charlotte Rains Dixon


I’m still in awe what Anne offers in her club for that low monthly price!

After being in the Divine Business Club for about six months, I had a Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading with Anne.  It was then that I knew that I really wanted to work with Anne on much deeper level.  So I signed up to work with her as a Divine Diamond client.

To begin with, I am amazed by my inner changes. I totally trust Anne and know that following her guidelines and doing the “stuff” she asks me to do will bring me the results I want.

Anne teaches so much not only by offering her knowledge, but by being who she is – I observe the way she leads the calls, does tapping, her gentle, non-judgmental, yet humorous way, how she sees the Divine in us and I know – yes, this is how I want to be with my clients too.

I feel much clearer about so many aspects of my business: I am more confident, expecting success – landing a long-term client doesn’t seem such an achievement anymore, but rather something that cannot fail to happen.   (It has already happened!)  Anne helps me to access my inner wisdom, my intuition … and to trust myself.

Anne is very generous with resources, be it an unexpected gift or some extra time, or a so-needed email of encouragement and support; not to mention the Divine Business Club itself that is such a gift and extremely great value for money.  

I’ve taken some other programmes with other coaches, much more expensive, and I’m still in awe what Anne offers in her club for that low monthly price!

Plus, I absolutely love Wealth CD affirmations and still listen to it almost every day – it is so uplifting and inspirational!

Thank you, Anne, from the bottom of my heart!

I love working with you!

Inga Krastina


I’ve released the fear of being visible and I have greater confidence following my own intuitive business ideas.

CatherineStevens-amI have found the business strategy calls and the tapping calls in the Divine Business Club very helpful. Anne has the ability to tune into the whole group intuitively as well as individuals. I love the fact that the business call information is self-paced. I can use and adapt the strategies for my business. Anne gives everyone on the calls plenty of time.

I have found the tapping sessions to be very effective and enjoy Anne’s humor that she brings to the tapping calls. My favorite gift from Anne has been the Divine Client Affirmations. The recordings help expand my visualizations and increase my vibrational level when working with my clients.

The greatest shift for me has been releasing the fear of being visible and greater confidence in following my own intuitive business ideas.

I had the most wonderful experience during Anne’s Create Your Divine Year Ceremony. The day after -the call, I confidently wrote out my long-term and short-term goals and intentions for my business. I am excited to move forward with my own out-of-the-box ideas.

I look forward to continued support being in the Divine Business Club and interacting with other wonderful members.

Catherine Rose Stevens
Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach


JenniferFraserI recently joined the Divine Business Club and in the short time I’ve been a member, I have received so much value! Rev. Anne is so warm, personable and loving. She is also very encouraging and supportive of her members.

I enjoy listening to the topics on each call, whether it’s Divine Client Attraction, Divine Systems, or my Divine IntroTalk™, because they help me to look at various aspects of my business in a whole new way.

I am so grateful for this program and to Rev. Anne for her kindness and her ability to help me dig deeper so I can do the work that I love and was born to do.I also love the tapping calls! I have used Emotional Freedom Technique for a number of years now and I like how I can use tapping to remove the blocks I am experiencing in my business. When I release the blocks that’s been holding me back, I am able to move forward and work with more and more clients.

Thank you, Anne!

Jennifer Fraser, CRC
Balance Your Heart

divider2LindaWellsJoining the Divine Business Club is one of the best things I’ve done to develop my business and myself as a conscious entrepreneur. I’ve been using EFT since 1999 and find the monthly tapping calls so inspiring as I listen to others working on their issues and I have the opportunity to experience my own healing.

The teaching calls provide the new techniques I need to market in the age of SEO.

The Club provides membership in a group of awesome spiritual business owners, with a wide range of experience, who are always ready to share their knowledge. From them I receive support and encouragement and the comfort that I am not alone, which plagues many solo workers.

Best of all is the coaching provided by Anne. Sometimes cajoling, always compassionate, her care and sense of humor keeps me focused and moving toward my goal.

I plan to be a member for a very long time!

Linda J. Wells, MSEd


It is so much easier doing your Divine mission
when you are aware of who you are meant to serve.


JoAnneBassettI have really benefited from the Divine Business Club.  I love the fact that Anne gave us individual coaching time on her calls. Because of that I was able to get clarity on what is not working in my business and how to shift that.

One of the areas we looked at was who you are being – when you understand this, it helps to attract your perfect, ideal, and Divine clients.  I was able to focus on a segment of the population which increased my sales immensely.

It is so much easier doing your Divine mission when you are aware of who you are meant to serve.

JoAnne Bassett




Rev. Anne, I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I love & appreciate you. I have been learning so much from you and I absolutely LOVE your generosity of spirit and your genuineness and authenticity. You are a great role model and mentor for me and I feel honored to be a part of your tribe.

With love & gratitude,

Marisa Ferrera

Author, Magnify Your Magnificence


If my prospective client has the financial resources, I always get a
“Yes, I want to work with you!”

AmyLundbergAnne goes over and beyond with her phenomenal inexpensive Divine Business Club.  I loved her step-by-step systems for the variety of situations we all face when it comes to, for example, following up.  Her easy steps and great ideas have worked well for me. 

Her tapping class in the DBC keeps me going and breaks down my roadblocks for moving forward in my business when I stall.  She works with your specific issues/needs by including tapping calls once a month that can benefit you.  She has a beautiful, loving and fun spirit who has evolved her skills to help so many other precious souls to grow their businesses beyond the survival, hobby “just making it” level.

Also, her Create Your Divine Offer program allowed me to identify specific tangible outcomes that my niche relates too explicitly!  If the client has the financial resources, I always get a “Yes, I want to work with you!” 

Since working with Anne and introducing myself to tapping I am now asking more for my services, working less with each client, following through on my marketing plan and connecting with prospects from a heart base instead of fear base! 

Plus I’m making more money!  Thank you, Anne!

Amy Lundberg


SherryBowersI wanted to share one more Aha, that I had this morning thanks to the Divine Business Club and your calls…

As you went through the recent call tapping with several of the other callers, I realized everything you were saying to them also applied to me. I started crying. At that point, I opened to the possibility that tapping on my finances could actually help me. 

Then yesterday, I was hit with a major trigger and felt myself going down that horrible path again of never having enough, feeling guilty and ashamed of the situation I found myself in. We had been caught in the Florida real estate disaster when we tried to relocate just before the bubble burst.

Here I was again for the umpteenth time being asked to re-explain all the personal details and supply all my financial records, knowing full well that at the 70-80 day mark they would say they were missing something and I would have to repeat the process yet again.

Instead of my normal slump into a negative energetic mess, I spent 15 minutes tapping on it with a recording I had received but never used. 

Afterwards, I was able to finish the paperwork and documentation required (that was previously a HUGE trigger) without being filled with anger and resentment, without having it ruin my day, my week, my relationship to my husband, my relationship to myself! 

This was HUGE for me as this has been going on for the last 5 years…but not today!

So, thank you again!

Sherry Bowers


My success has leaped forward to the point where I’m too busy
to even participate in the Divine Business Club any longer!

ShannonWalbranNot only that, but my success has leaped forward to the point where I’m too busy to even participate in the Divine Business Club any longer! Ha, ha, ha; it’s a wonderful and brilliant place to be!Rev. Anne Presuel and her amazing EFT tapped me through my fears and into the belief that I can make it onto TV, and voila!  It’s happening!  

Shannon Walbran
Spirit Guide Interpreter, known as South Africa’s Top Psychic

divider2The tapping sessions alone are worth the price tag!

JessicaCarterBrace-smI was connected to Rev. Anne Presuel through through Facebook.  I always enjoyed her posts.  One day she offered a free call.  While listening in, I felt so welcome and connected.  Her message was powerful and precise.  During the call one thing that stood out was Anne’s laugh. 

She is a true guided spirit who loves what she does.  I thought to myself, “I want to feel that about my business too so I can laugh just as heartily as she does!”

I signed up for her program (Sacred Sexy Sales and the Divine Business Club) and have received a tremendous amount of  value. The tapping sessions alone are worth the price tag

At a recent tapping call, every single issue that was tapped on was exactly what I needed to hear.  How powerful is that? 

If you are seeking a group of connected heart center women to build your business, then I encourage you to join the Divine Business Club with Rev. Anne.  She’s the real deal.

Jessica Brace

divider2I am enrolling new clients in a hitherto unimagined
and totally graceful way!

LizGilsonAaronWorking with Rev. Anne is such a pleasure. She is not only Divine and Intuitive, but smart, savvy, and oh, so connected to each of the people on the training calls. She takes the time to connect with each of us on a level that makes you feel heard and understood.

Since becoming a client of hers, I have had many breakthroughs in my life, the greatest one being just since the beginning of this year which has changed my entire trajectory.   

Watch out world! Here comes one strong, powerful, grounded woman, thanks to Rev. Anne who has held my hand and guided me.

I am enrolling new clients in a hitherto unimagined and totally graceful way!


Liz Gilson Aaron

divider2Want to learn more? 

Go to the Divine Business Club page for more information, or to become a member yourself! 

We’d love to have you come play with us!




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