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7 Ways to Create a Deeper Connection with Your Market

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As you grow your business it’s important to know how to create a deeper connection with your market – or your Divine peeps, as I like to call them. The success and stability of your Divinely-guided coaching or healing business is based on your ability to deepen and enrichen the many relationships you will have: prospective clients, clients, and colleagues, to name a few.

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In order to deepen your connection with your market, there are certain mindsets – or ways of being, as I like to say – that you need to have. These ways of being will help you immensely as you reach out and connect with those around you. They are:

• Curiosity
• Service
• Welcoming
• Generosity
• Helpfulness
• Authenticity
• Confidence

When you are in a service-based business – particularly a healing, intuitive or coaching business – your business will not make it if you can’t develop and deepen your relationships with your people.

On the other hand, your business will survive – and thrive – when you increase your ability to serve your market in the way that they want and need. And your business will expand beautifully as you develop your ability to build a strong, inviting platform to attract others into your world.

You will be creating healthy win-win relationships – and who doesn’t want that, right?

Here are 7 ways that you can create a deeper, richer connection with your Divine peeps:


1)  Invite Someone to a Virtual Coffee or Tea

I like to call these Divine Connection Sessions. Just ask them to spend a little time with you so you can get to know them. Maybe they’ve said something on Facebook or LinkedIn and you’re interested in learning more. Maybe they are doing something in their life or business that you’d like to learn more about. Show genuine curiosity in them. Remember, this is just a connection call. Don’t try to sell them something. Just be interested.


2)  Be Generous

Send them something – an ebook you’ve written, a recording of something, like a meditation, if you think they would like it and it may help them. This is especially good after you’ve met someone and talked with them, when you have a good idea of what challenges they may be looking for support to resolve.

Or send them a link to an article/video you think they may be interested in or forward an email to them that is referencing something you two were talking about.

I have several things I offer people: the Tap into Your Divine Business program and the Divine Directory. Both help my Divine peeps get what they want: a strong, healthy, sustainable business.

Tap into Your Divine Business     Divine Directory






3)  Cards

This is a biggie and there are quite a few ways to do this.

Digital Cards: Companies like JacquieLawson.com (my favorite)

Real Cards via You: Cards you purchase, sign by hand, and mail via snail mail

Real Cards via a Company: These are cards you purchase, but the message and your signature is stamped and mailed by a company.

Cards, but specific to your business, i.e., branded cards: After meeting people at events, I have sent a Divine Business Angel card with a note. I heard from people later how much they appreciated that. One person, in particular, told me at an event (a year later!) how much she loved the Trustworthy Team card I’d sent the year before and how it helped her create her own Divine team!

Angel Card - Trustworthy Team

Here are some of the situations we send cards for:

Any Divinely Intuitive™ Business programs
Thank Yous

A few notes about cards: For an online business like mine, the Jacquie Lawson cards are perfect. They are bright, artistic beautiful touches and they make me smile. It is my intention that they bring a bright spot to someone’s day, as well.

Some people like sending real cards, signed by you, by hand. I love that. When your business grows in size, however, it gets quite a bit harder. You can outsource some of the pieces, however, if this is something you love.


4)  Gifts

Send a welcome gift to a new client, or to someone who signs up for a particular program. We send the Divine Diamonds gift-wrapped items when they join, and we send people who join the Divine Business Club a set of Angel Cards.  Both receive a hand-written note with a blessing in it.

Send a hand-written thank you note and gift after someone does something nice for you. At the very least, send a thank you email.

Some beautiful entrepreneurs have sent me a thank you note and gift after being a speaker on their telesummit or joint venture giveaway. It is a beautiful touch, and I still have one of them on my altar!


5)  Give Referrals

Send your Divine peeps a referral for a speaking gig or a seat on a telesummit. Send a referral for a joint venture giveaway, if that can help them. Most of all, send a prospective client if you feel guided to do so.

6)  Make Introductions

Make introductions to colleagues who may like getting to know one another and may be interested in connecting over a project.

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7)  Social Media

Here are some ways to connect with your people on the different social media platforms:

       Comment (positively!) on something they said
       Repost something on social media that someone wrote
       Send a direct message on Facebook
       Wish them a happy birthday

       Retweet their tweet
       Send a direct message

       Write a recommendation. (That will definitely get their attention!)

       Subscribe to their channel
       Comment on a video they’ve shared

       Repost a pin
       Comment on their pin
       Like their pin
       Create a community board and invite them to join


These steps will deepen your connection with your people – whether they are colleagues or whether they are prospective clients. Because you are building a business based on relationships, these actions will support you in growing your business.

Your job is to get good at connecting with your people and then nurturing those relationships.

And watch your business soar!

Divine hugs,




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2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Create a Deeper Connection with Your Market”

  1. These are wonderful techniques to keep in touch with connects and leads that might need time to evolve into clients. One way that I keep my connections alive is to send them links to relevant articles and information that is relevant to them and which helps to enhance my authority. It helps keep the dialogue going and sometimes even results in a referral!

  2. Ann,
    Thanks for the ideas. I like the site Angelwinks e-cards so I think I will start to send them to my clients. I very much enjoyed the article and all of your wisdom!

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