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Divine Activation Ceremony

Want to be a part of a Divine Activation Ceremony

Earlier this week, I shared about how you can make your business sparkle, and what that means.  I realize that that concept is rather fluffy and ambiguous, but when you actually pull it apart, you can see what it means to have a business that sparkles.  And it is actually really cool.

Ceremony Candle

Having a business that sparkles is:

  • To have a business that stands out;
  • It’s one that shines its light and isn’t afraid to be seen;
  • It’s a business that shares itself unabashedly unafraid with the world;
  • It’s a business that connects deeply with those around,
  • It’s a business that by simply being its true beautiful self transforms the world around it;
  • It’s a business that knows its worth and shares it generously;
  • It’s a business with grace, beauty and compassion;
  • It’s a business filled with joy.

It’s a business that reflects the essence of you.

So here’s why I’m writing about this:  joint venture partners who are participating in the JV Giveaway in January will be able to receive this Divine Activation Ceremony.  Astrologically, this ceremony is perfectly supported by the stars in the heavens.  We are in a magical time right now, not only astrologically, but also with the Winter Solstice, the new moon, and Hanukkah and Christmas.  Now is the time to utilize this energy.

During the Ceremony, we will be setting our intentions for the giveaway, and then connecting with the High Angel of the giveaway.  We will be activating our energies to be in alignment with one another, and with the energies of our Divine peeps.

This ceremony will have long-term implications for everyone involved.  Because we are in a powerful energetic place, the intentions you set will be a part of your future, not only immediately, but long-term.

This is a FIRST.  It is the first time EVER that I have done this with JV partners.

It is because I wrote about creating
a business that sparkles that opened up
the space for this ceremony to download.

You can join in.  You can be a part of this magnificent group of people coming together to share their gifts.

Here’s how:  Join us in the joint venture giveaway.  The link is below.

You’ll be able to build your visibility, get seen,
get known, and get in front of your perfect people, build your list
and create a business that sparkles!

Divinely Connected Biz JVG  


Later I will make this Ceremony available for everyone – even those who were not in a place to be our joint venture partner right now.  But for now, this Ceremony is open only to the joint venture partners in the Divinely Connected Biz JV Giveaway.

The Divine Activation Ceremony will support you over the next 5 years.  Whether you listen to it now, or listen to it later is no matter.  The energies have been activated and will be available to you no matter what.

Do it for yourself, for your business and for the people you are here to serve.

Get Your Divine On



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